Magical Express - luggage only

I know that technically you cannot use ME for luggage only service. But as a work around - if we checked into ME at the counter at the airport but never boarded the bus (i.e. got a rental car instead) - would ME still deliver our bags directly to our Disney resort room?


They scan your band again before you board the bus, so I’d say no, they probably would not.

A work-around that I have heard of people successfully doing is to send one person on ME with the luggage while the rest get the rental car.

If your getting a car- why not take the luggage with you?

Because you need to get a bigger car to fit it in!

We were going to hire something tiny, but DH wasn’t comfortable with me driving (he can’t because he doesn’t have a credit card) in a different country, on the other side of the road, at around midnight after 36 hours of travelling, by myself. So now we need to get a SUV to fit all our luggage in as there is 4 of us.

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Why not hire a car at Disney? We always do that, pick it up a day or two after we arrive. The prices aren’t bad compared to the airport prices. And it’ll give you a chance to get over the jet lag, and your first drive will be on Disney property, not on the I4.

We were going to do that, as we originally got in a bit earlier, but we have plans for the next day and need the car at 6am. Now that our flight lands later in the evening, we need to hire it the night before.

Can 2 of the party take the ME with all of the luggage while the other 2 drive the rental car?

We could, and certainly did discuss it, but an 11 year old at midnight wouldn’t be much better than being on my own when the concern is for safety.

I think that you would be able to allow your husband to drive and then you use your credit card to pay. My husband and I have joint credit cards, but 99% of the time I do the booking (with my CC) and then list my husband as the driver. Or you could be the main driver and pay the extra fee to add him as a second driver. I think they are only concerned about licenses and as long as somebody is paying, I don’t think it has to be the driver!

The company we booked through were very specific about the driver having to have a credit card in their name. The fee to add him as a driver is pretty insane. And he’s not good with cities anyway.