Magical Express luggage delivery

Our flight to Disney in December just got changed, and we are now landing in Orlando at 7:45 pm. I know our information says if we arrive after 10, to collect our own luggage, but before then they will do it for us. I’m concerned about a late night delivery for luggage if they collect it for us. Is it easier for us to just collect it ourselves, even though we are landing before 10 pm? We have always had an earlier flight, so it’s never been an issue before. We have always gotten to our Resort with time to go to a park for the afternoon, and our luggage gets delivered before we are back for the night.

Any thoughts?

Funny, last year on one of my trips I was told it could take up to five hours for my luggage ( before that they said 3). Personally, I would get my own luggage. I wouldn’t be planning on doing anything that night other than check into my room, so in the long run I would find it easier to get everything settled right away.

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We’re landing at 5.45 and I’m planning to get ours - it just seems easier. Coming from the UK we’ll be exhausted by the time we get to the resort so will likely get an early night, we don’t want to be disturbed.

We had an early flight on our recent trip - got in MCO around 12:30. The luggage was delivered about 10 minutes after we walked into our room. :smile:

They say it can take a while, but that’s CYA. They seem to be pretty good at getting it to the room quickly.

That being said, we did have bathing suits and pjs packed in our carry-ons just in case. :wink:

Is there a cut off time when they won’t deliver to your room? I mean if you do DME but it does not get to the resort until 11, will they knock on your door or enter your room at 11?

I have early flights, but I still like to collect my own luggage. I usually like to settle in, so I like to have my bags ready as soon as my room is ready.

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Just to update. We took the gamble and had Magical Express deliver our bags. Our flight landed at 8pm, we ate at the airport and walked around some of the gift shops to stretch our legs a bit (and hunt for pressed penny machines). We got on the bus and arrived at our resort about 10. We went to the check in desk, and then got our refillable mugs, and got to our room about 10:30. Our luggage was delivered just about midnight, so it wasn’t a bad wait.


Do you mean you collect your luggage directly on the carousel and carry it to the DME or you pick it off when you get off the bus at the resort?

And if you get it from the carousel, do you still put the Disney tag on your suitcase?

Never took the bus before, so wondering how it all works. Any other info welcome.


If you want to have your luggage upon arriving at your hotel, do not use the tags. Just check your luggage as you would on any other flight. When you get to MCO, collect from the carousel. Bring your luggage with you to the DME. When you get to the hotel, wait for them to take it out of the compartment on the bus.

If you would prefer to take full advantage of the whole Magical Express feature, use the tags and don’t worry about your luggage again. It will be delivered to your resort hotel a few hours after you land.

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Thanks disney1974, all clear now! 33 days left… :grinning:

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Thanks for answering

Nice! We’re at 40 days! We’ll be there before we know it!

Hi there! Getting close to my first WDW trip and am so excited!

Question for you all: I am arriving Orlando at 4:30 PM (on a Sunday) if all goes well. My goal is to get to the hotel as soon as possible. I can carry on what I need for the park that evening, so I am planning on just getting on the bus ASAP and leaving my luggage to the magical express delivery service. Does that seem like the quickest thing to do? I am fine with it coming much later to the room. Thank you!

Marsha - YES. Just make sure that you taken anything with you on your person. (which is always a good practice regardless of where you are going) . Check into your hotel or whatever and go to the park and then just come back to your bags. Sometimes it takes minutes - sometimes it takes hours. So just go in with the right expectations.

I always pack a carry on with at least a couple of days worth of clothes. Your luggage should get to your room so call immediately if you get yo your room at night and it is not there. Remember to have your magic band with you on the plane!

I also usually pack a days worth of clothes in my carry-on. I also put a change of clothes into my husbands suitcase, and he puts one in mine just in case only one of our suitcases arrives.

Smart tips! Thanks!

Hi! I 'm landing around 9pm, that’s an absolutely no go for the luggage delivery , right?

They will still collect it for you, up until 10pm. However you might want to tell bell services to hold it until the morning, to avoid being woken up at 2am. Just have an overnight bag packed with you as carry-on.

Or plan to collect it yourselves. Whichever you prefer!

Thank you again @Nickysyme! You are being very helpful!!!

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