Magical Express - Getting Off at Different Resort

My hubby and I drive to WDW and cart all of the suitcases, etc. to FL. My DD, SIL and grandkids take a plane. They ride the Magical Express bus from MCO to the park. It takes FOREVER because the bus stops at each resort to unload a ton of baggage.

The question is, can they just get off at the first resort that has transportation to the MK (i.e., monorail, boat whatever)? They have no luggage and will just meet us at the park since we can’t check in until later in the afternoon.

Any other ideas to speed that part of the trip up would be appreciated.


They will have to board the right bus for the resort they are staying in.

But if they don’t have luggage in the luggage trunks, then there would be nothing to stop them getting off at the first resort stop.

Then they would have their carry on luggage though. Depending how much that was, they might have a problem on the resort bus, luggage isn’t allowed. So a small backpack would be fine, but not 4 cabin-sized wheelie cases.

Personally I would just check in, leave their stuff at bell services and get an Uber to the Contemporary.

Thanks. They will just have backpacks as carry ons and will check them at the lockers as you go into MK. Glad to know they can hop off at the first opportunity and head on over to the fun.