Magical Express Departure with TsA pre-check

I have a 11:05 departure flight so I’m assuming I’ll get picked up around 8 - just enough tome for a QS hot breakfast at AoA. If we have TSA pre-check we could probably hang around a bit longer. If we tell the resort do you think we could get picked up about a half hour later?

The only way to do that would be to “change” your flight in their system to be one 30-45 minutes later.

That said… In February, while one side of TSA at MCO was a breeze, the other (stupid me thought ALL of A was one TSA bank and ALL of B was the other rather than half and half…and the stupid guy who checked my ticket on the wrong side let me through) was a nightmare. Even pre-check took 20 minutes (at least).

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Sounds like I should leave my time as is to be safe.

Eat breakfast at the airport.

Personally I would. I hate ending a vacation stressed about making a flight. I’d rather have a lot of time to kill reading or something than be running and stressing about not making a flight.

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Disney doesn’t care if you have TSA Precheck. You can either put in a fake flight or just get there early. I’d just eat at the airport. That’s what I did a few weeks ago. Your pickup may be as early as 7:30 TBH just depending where in the pickup order you fall.