Magical Express Bags Question :)

Hey guys!

I have never used the luggage tags that come with the Magical Express before. We are kinda bag freaks and are always worried our stuff will get lost. Has anyone ever had any issues with their bags not arriving?

We are considering using them this time and I just want to know others experiences.

I also want to make sure I understand this correctly. We are flying BWI to MCO with Southwest. All I would have to do is put the tag on my bag, check it at the Southwest desk at BWI, and then it would be at our room in POR later that day… Correct? I never touch my bag at MCO?

Thank you all for the help! :smiley:

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Never had an issue with the luggage.

Yes you are correct. it should be in your room maybe a couple hours after you arrive at POR. Tough to say.

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Never had them NOT arrive. Have had them take a long time to arrive.

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Yup, you are correct. Once you check it at BWI, you won’t see it again until much later in the day. I was like you and VERY nervous about my bags, but there is absolutely nothing to fear. I won’t say it’s 100% fool proof (nothing is), but I can confidently say your stuff will almost definitely arrive in your room safe and sound!

It sped up my time to get into the park as I didn’t have to wait to unload anything off the bus nor leave anything with bell services at the hotel. I absolutely recommend it.

If you can also do the resort-side check in on the way back: do that too. It’s basically the same process. My biggest complaint about the whole process was I couldn’t get it to be 100% reverse and my bags would waiting for me at my house! :smile:


Haha! Thanks so much for the information. I think we may try it out. Can we leave our carry on backpack at POR and will they put them with our other bags? We are going to go to the parks after we eat breakfast/lunch at the resort. We are the crazy people bring a fanny pack to the park and nothing else. Don’t want to be carrying my books from the plane to the parks haha.

You can leave it with bell services. They likely won’t deliver it to your room with your other bags but you can stop and pick it up on your way back into the resort.

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Also, don’t panic if one of your bags is not delivered, but others are. Be patient before panicking! We stayed at Coronado Springs in August, had four bags and three were delivered within 90 minutes of landing at MCO. We checked in, saw the bags and wondered where the other one was. After spending the afternoon at MK, we came back to our room to find the 4th one there. Apparently, they grab bags as they see them and take them to the resort areas, and depending if your bags were all together at the baggage area, they could be sent to your resort at different times. Enjoy your trip!

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This is one reason to pack in such a way that some of each family members things are in each bag.

If I did that I would forget things. No way I could do that. Would rather just carry my own bag in MCO.

Airlines lose luggage too :wink:

You can use those packing cubes people talk about. Or, you can just get everything set up and then load some in each suitcase. It’s really no different.

If we don’t do the magical express we are just using carry ons. We never even check bags.

SW is great because you can check those bags! I always take a carry on and store it with bell services but I always use MDE luggage services and it is great.

That’s why I was thinking about doing it! Just because it’s free. We only own carry on sized bags anyways haha. Thank you!

For our first trip we put on the cute Mickey tags…and NOT the yellow destination tags…and by some “magic” our bags got to our room a few hours later!! Go with confidence!!

My concern is if they scan your MB to trigger it. I was wondering if you had two MB if you could switch in DME who is arriving on each flight but they scan the MB at entry so that would only work if you each could switch one set (you will need yours for resort and party).

Yea. I’d be more worried about the airlines losing my luggage than ME. We are going to try REAL hard this time to pack everything in carry on - just two adults

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