Magical Express 2021

How does magical express work now if your going straight to the park? We haven’t flown in since your bags would just magically appear in your room, and I loved that service. Now I know you have to pickup your bags at the carousel and take them to the bus from there do you then unload them at the resort take them to bell services and they take them to the room or how does it work?

My sister will land at noon, we are staying at AKV and we had planned to do Epcot that day.

After we picked up our bags we went to the busses. They loaded the bags under the bus for. the trip. We checked the bags into bell services at the hotel and then we went to the parks. By the time we got back from the parks and our shopping trips, our luggage had been sent to our room.

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They sent it without calling?

I don’t know if it varies from resort to resort currently, but on our recent split stay, our room wasn’t available when we first got off ME, so we checked the bags with bell services at ASM, and went to dinner.
When we returned to the resort, the bags were in our room.

Edited to add: But when we changed resorts to the Poly DVC, they insisted we had to be there to receive our bags. :woman_shrugging:


In the past our bags just showed up in the room. No call.

That has always been the case with DME but any time I have checked bags I have had to call to have them delivered, or I could pick them up at Bell Services with my receipt.

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my mistake. I forgot about the difference of dealing directly with bell services and MDE.

Funny, I have had BC tell me before I could not pick up my bags from bell services, I had to call from my room but over the years I have heard reports of bags magically appearing, especially for split stays. I was wondering if it is something that usually works for others.

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I have had it both ways. It’s very inconsistent


Inconsistency is what makes it more magical :rofl::crazy_face:


I’ve had bags at bell services go both ways too, since way before COVID. It really seems to depend on the resort and the people there that week.


Check out this recent line for DME :astonished:

I saw someone that was scared when they got to a similar line yesterday but it was one hour to their resort. All of the lines look longer than they are.

Thats good to hear

It’s been many years since I last used DME so no I have no idea about these, it does look pretty wild

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