Magic shots for photo pass pictures, only certain places?

The magic shots(i.e. Pics with characters like tinkerbell or stitch etc) can you ask for them or do you just hope you get them? We went once before and never got one. Do you have to go to certain places?

You usually have to ask for them. Certain shots happen in certain places. Like to get Jomney Cricket you need to 1 be in AK, 2 have clear blue sky, so leaves he will not show up, and 3 have a photographer that can do it.

When i am at my computer i will send a link so you can see the shots and where to ask. It is a guidleine to what and where but subject to change.

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Thank you @Jedilogray ! DS16 was making fun of me wanting them but now he thinks its pretty cool. Hehehe Iā€™m getting him addicted to WDW and planning!

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NP, They are fun!!

We never asked for magic shots and got them anyway, including a very cute Baymax photobomb outside Space Mountain!

Yeah it happens sometimes.