Magic shot locations

Is there a list any where of where to ask for the magic shots? We have used Memory Maker before, but have never gotten any special shots? Do you just ask every time you get a picture taken? Thanks!

IYep. Always ask. But. If they are using a tripod they cannot do magic shots.

I know you can get sebastian near under the sea on the bridge. You can also get lumiere there. You can get chip by gastons fountain.

Fairy wings at epcot

Jimney cricket in Animal kingdom and i think pascal here as well but no green shirts or background. Simba and friends on the ground.

So those are a few i have gotten and where. This may help

I’ve never asked and we got quite a few. Pascal in front of the Tree of Life. Baymax photobombing outside Space Mountain. Quite a few Tink ones - definitely in Epcot at the back of SSE, and at HS in front of the Chinese theatre - possibly in front of the castle too.

I can tell you where we got ours:

EP - pascal and tink at entrance (we returned later in the day)
MK - three picture series of prince naveen frog -> my husband on the boardwalk/walkway bypass between liberty square and frontier land
DHS - Mike from Monsters Inc at RNR upside down limo arch
AK - banshee at floating mountains, bioluminescent floating plants added in at night shot by the waterfall (kind of to the right when you enter the land), balloons at tree of life and also a bug’s life at tree of life

Sometimes we asked and sometimes they offered.

We got them at Epcot on the bridge between UK and France, at the Walt and Mickey statue in MK Hub. Also at Gaston’s Tavern.

Not sure if we got any more. Will post back if I find any.

Oh. So are these different to the shots where they insert characters? Not heard the term “Magic Shots” before. Last time we got the character shots without asking.

I think they’re the same as what you’re describing - just the shots where they digitally insert something later on: character, balloons, something sitting in your hand, etc.

Oh we had Mike from Monsters Inc near TOT too.

Kenny the Pirate has a great updated list - but it is part of his character locator which is a subscription service. I acually highyl recomend it - there is an amazing amount of info. There is probably some of the same info in blog posts on the website also.