Magic pass, how does it work with multiple adults?

I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid, so I am trying to get all caught up on everything :expressionless: . Magic passes, I see that this is basically using your phone as a magic band, and it can tap into rides, photo locations, ticketing, etc. my question is, we have one my Disney experience account for my party (my family and my brothers family). I saw the steps to create a magic pass for me and link it to my wallet on my phone so I can just tap, but how do all the adults in the party get the pass to link to their wallet? Does everyone just log into my Disney app under the same account and do the same steps? Will that create multiple passes? Also, if we are all going kn the same ride, do I just tap once and everyone who has a lightning lane booked show up? Anything else I’m missing?

AFAIK everyone needs to tap into the LL with something, same goes with entering the park. Either the app on a phone (with seperate accounts), a magic band or a card which you can get for free at the resorts or ticketing. You can book the G+/LL for the whole party (and buy tickets and everything), but they need something linked to act as their tickets.

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So my young children need to tap in the ride (it doesn’t use my phone)?

You can set up your DME account to have your kids’ passes on Disney MagicMobile (presuming they’re on your Friends & Family List)

You can create a pass for everyone in your party if they don’t have their own MDE accounts and share them via text.

If you have your child’s passes on your phone too, it will sometimes select your kid by default and sometimes not. I had shared my son’s pass with him so he could scan himself (he’s 12) but we ran into issues where my phone will select him by default instead of me.

We have 4 kids, and my brother has 4 as well, none have their own phones. I would like all adults (4) to be able to manage all the kids, since it is possible some will be with different adults. Everyone is currently under my Disney experience account (adults and kids). When I share via text, does that add to their wallet? Or do they have to open each one?
If it auto selects a particular person, does that matter if everyone is going on the same ride?

I have an iPhone, so I’ll speak from that experience :slight_smile:, but when you create a pass for someone else, you can share it via text and when they click on it they can add it to their wallet. You’ll have to do this one at a time for each pass as it won’t let you send the pass to more than one person at a time.

Once it’s in the wallet, you can scroll right to left to choose the correct pass.

I shared my son’s pass with my daughter and my husband, so you can share one pass with multiple people.

The problem with the auto select for us is that my son was scanning in and then I was scanning in and it was trying to scan him in a second time versus scanning me. I tried deleting his pass from my phone and we still had random issues.

If you have G+ it will matter who was scanned in as that will impact your selection times for your next ride for your whole party.

FWIW, I used mobile magic before G+ on a solo trip and had no problems. On my next trip (with my mother and a friend), I’m considering buying magic bands for them just to avoid all the headache since my mom isn’t as tech-savvy. If I do a trip with my kids any time soon, I’ll definitely use magic bands.

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You say you’d def use magic bands next time, have you considered using the ticket cards instead? And if you ruled that out, can I ask why (I was considering using the ticket cards on a lanyard instead of opting for bands)

imo, it will save you a lot of potential trouble if you have a physical pass for your kids, whether it’s magic bands or the admission cards.

We’ve used both, the major benefit with magic bands is of course that they will stay with the kids all the time and you don’t have to worry about it. Additionally - please someone correct me if I’m wrong - I believe the cards cannot be read remotely for automatic photo pass photos - you need the app or a magicband. You can however use the card for manual ride photos where you tap them at the exit (only on some rides). If you don’t intend to use photopasses OR will always ride with someone who has the app or a magic band, I don’t think this is an issue.

As for the cards, when my family used them I held on to them, my kids would’ve lost them. If you have a lanyard of some sort that would of course be good (it needs a sleeve/pouch as the card don’t have any holes etc)