Magic Morning - Strategy

I have magic morning entry and Maxpass on Friday next week and I was wondering what strategy to operate

Should I target Fantasyland or Tomorrowland during magic morning ?

What should I target with my fastpasses ?

Should be a reasonably quiet day and I want to do as much as possible! I only have Friday and Saturday morning before I go home and probably won’t ever be back so got to make this work the best I can :slight_smile:

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If you will have MaxPass, my suggestion for magic morning is to prioritize the rides you have on your list that don’t have Fastpass but that build long lines later. I usually go on all the Fantasyland rides, especially Alice in Wonderland and Storybookland Canal Boats.

I only ride Peter Pan if I arrive before the rope drop crowd - the line builds super fast and stays about the same all day. Better to come back later and save time on other rides in the morning.

In Tomorrowland, I would go to Nemo and Autopia (it now offers MaxPass but I’d rather get it out of the way early if my kids really want to ride it).

My next priority would be headliners with hard to get fastpasses, like Space Mountain and Matterhorn, but try to get a Fastpass as early as you can for something (they start issuing select fastpasses during magic morning, but the attractions offered varies and the return time is usually for after magic morning).

Note that you can’t do both lands in one magic morning - I usually do one day starting at FL and another at TL if I have more than two days (and it doesn’t have to be early entry to beat the rush - just be there in the first hour).

Oh, and once MFSR gets Fastpass (soon) that will be a top priority if you want to ride it. Also getting a BG for RotR.