Magic Kingdom

We arrive at Disney on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 11:57 Pm. By the time we go to bed it will be probably late. We would love to do Magic Kingdom the next day, Wed. January 10th? Do you think that would be a good idea or should we try a different park that might not be as consuming as Magic Kingdom since we are going to be tired from the previous day? Our departure is on Wednesday January 17 at 6:00 am. Your advice is greatly appreciated!

In my opinion I would do MK on your first day. You don’t have to be up a the break of dawn unless you want to do the rope drop. I think the MK is Disney and if you have never been their before that is what I would do first. If you get tried, go back to your resort for a break. It’s no fun when you feel like the walking dead so give yourself and family enough breaks for naps and such. My wife and I generally get to Disney about 2pm but we don’t even go to the parks the first day. If we are not too jet lagged, we go to DS for a while. Otherwise we just stay at the resort and enjoy what it has to offer. You pay plenty for your resort stay, so make the most of what it has to offer.

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I agree.

Sleep in. Get lunch at your resort or make an ADR in park, and plan to spend the afternoon and evening in the MK. I always much prefer when we do MK as our first park.

Perhaps do MK (if you want) but sleep in a bit (if you can). Don’t go nuts - enjoy the time - and some of that means a bit of relaxation.

Also, keep in mind that MK’s EMH’s are usually on Wednesdays. Therefore, you can sleep in and still get plenty of time at MK as long as you are staying on property. I just looked at park hours and MK closes at 8 pm on 1/10, but it does have EMH to 10 pm.

We’ve always gone to MK as the first park because, well, it the Magic Kingdom! Good advice ^ re sleeping in tho. We always do RD, but arriving that late night b4, I would sleep in. The CL for that day is 6, so as long as that holds, shouldn’t be too hectic there, even during the afternoon, when crowds are highest.

By taking advantage of afternoon FPPs & possibly getting some more in the evening, you should have a relaxing & fun day.

I like the idea of an adr for lunch or brunch that day. The Kona and the Wave have great food & are handy to the park, not sure how late they’d serve breakfast, but the lunches there are great too. I recently got to talk to a chef @Kona & he said they’d serve us Tonga toast at Kona even around lunch time. I was jonesing for the vegan Tonga & he said they’d do that for us.

I’m assuming you’re planning on at least one more day at MK, so you can do all the rides etc that you may miss on that partial day.

Have a wonderful vacation!