Magic Kingdom - what time?

What time are people being let into the Magic Kingdom on regular 9am days? Everyone seems to say 7:50 or 8am, but here at the park, Guest Services and the hotel staff are all saying it’s not before 8:30.

Can anyone comment?

When we were there three weeks ago it was 7:45am on both MK days.

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Here’s a blog post I just read about this too and thought it could be helpful:

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@Ariadne - Maybe the phrase “let into the Magic Kingdom” needs to be clarified. People are let into Main Street USA portion of MK an hour earlier than posted times, but not into the rest of MK until close to posted opening. Were you and Guest Services both meaning the same thing?

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That’s a good point. I have been known to be much better understood by people who are mind readers. :wink:

We went on Sunday morning. It happened that we were there by 8:30. It was getting crowded and the line up at Starbucks was out the door. We were 4 deep from the rope at the Space Mountain hub, but it quickly formed behind us. The 7DMT hub was already filled most of the way by then.

When we got to Space Mountain, there were some people, probably from ADRs that were waiting in line already. Space Mountain didn’t open right away. We all stood out there for about 10 minutes. We were done and on our way to Buzz Lightyear before 9:30, though.

“Officially” it’s an hour before opening, but there have been various reports of them opening the tapstiles 10-15 minutes early. But as others have said, you can only get as far as the hub; the ropes drop for the “lands” at the posted opening time.

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