Magic Kingdom View at Polynesian

We are staying in a Magic Kingdom View at the Poly. Was wondering where the best place to stay was. I’m showing they are found in two longhouses but I’m not sure which to stay at. We are only there for 1 night. Tuvalu looks like it is closer to the castle than Aotearoa but it looks like you have the island in front of Tuvalu and a clean shot from Aotearoa. Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d go for Tuvalu. Arguably, it offers the best MK views of the two. Be sure and read Tikiman (fan,) website. Enjoy that fabulous resort!

@MeetMeAtThePoly, Do you think it would be possible to get in the DVC rental location? Moorea? We are going to Epcot and notice it’s by the TTC. Or should I stick with Tuvalu?


We loved the view from Tuvalu - there’s something very cool about being right over the water like that! You can only see the top part of the castle, but we preferred that to having land and other buildings in our view.

You won’t be able to stay in the DVC buildings unless you either rent points, or book a studio through Disney.

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That is beautiful :slight_smile: I’m so excited :slight_smile: