Magic kingdom two day plans - feedback

Good morning everyone. I am 45 days out from our trip with DH and DD5. We have two days planned at Magic Kingdom and I was just thinking it might be nice to hear any suggestions/feedback about what I have planned. I have been staring at the plans endlessly and hoping I have done a good job. And just as a note, we do not like space mountain so that’s why it’s not in the plans. Any feedback would be welcomed!

Have you let the system optimize for you?

I’m suspicious about Princess Hall only being 20 min and Jungle Cruise wait being so low too.

On your second day, I feel like you’re going to tire yourself out. You are bouncing from one side to the other and back again. With 2 park days, I try to split the park in half. Do one side one day and the other side the other day.

I didn’t see People Mover, Carousel of Progress. DD8 loves these.

Are wait times usually higher for fairytale hall and jungle cruise? I’m just going by what the touring plan told me. I optimized when I first did the plans but eventually got to this by focusing on what attractions we wanted.

I’ve never seen Jungle Cruise less than 45 min. It’s usually an hour or longer. DD8 is obsessed with that ride so we FPP it… YMMV.

I’d recalc those TPs again around day 30, then day 15 or so to see if it changes.

Ok I will definitely do that. Thanks for the feedback!

I like your first day. I would ride a couple more fantasy land rides before your 7DMT FPP. Coming from BOG you should be able to do PP by 9:05, then Ariel, Mermaid, Dumbo and Barnstormer, or meet Elana after PP. Does your DD5 definitely like coasters? If not I’m not sure about your FPP choices. I don’t like your second day, too much crisscrossing, either start in Adventure Land, and switch your POTC FPP for Elana & Tiana, or if you want to start in Fantasy Land switch your POTC and ETWB FPP times. There’s no mention of Buzz?

I cut Buzz out as I was trying to trim things down so we could have a nice afternoon break. I don’t think we will miss it as we have a day at HS too with TSL. I also figured I have to rope drop PP as the lines get crazy. I will look over the plan again with your suggestions. Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it.

I would start with PP after BOG, and on the other day start with Adventure land or Buzz. For whole family entertainment, Buzz and TSMM were both near the top of our list.

First day looks great. I would just change Cinderella and Elena to right after pp’s flight. I would think that line would grow quicker than Little Mermaid or the LMM ride.

My only comment is April 9th has an early morning magic event. I don’t know how much that will effect line times after BOG, or if they will let you in 7DMT before official park opening.

EMM might mean that you have to pick either 7DMT or PPF.
I am stealing a tip from you. Grab food and go watch the Muppets! So simple but I didn’t even think about it.

On the second day, I would try to move the fpp for ETWB up and then try to snag a fpp for HM after lunch.
I would be tempted to do Jungle Cruise then pirates after SDMT and then try and get a fpp for BTMRR. But that’s largely because I ended up with my longest wait of the trip there after riding Splash standby as well. This was on an extra magic hours morning day at regular opening time for Frontierland. So I think that may be why I experienced those long waits in Frontierland as people who had done other things during extra magic hours made their way to those attractions at 9. That long winded explanation to say, you may have better luck with BTMRR right after SDMT and probably will.
Overall I think your plans look good! I see lots of similarities with yours and the ones we had this past summer. Good luck!

@disneydadben thanks for the input! I am going to play the Cinderella meet by ear based on wait times that day. We will have met her at Akershus so it’s just a bonus. And HM is also on the maybe list. I showed DD5 the video of it and I’m not convinced she will want to do it. haha

@patcheslee I think I am also going to just go straight to PP after BOG breakfast. Instead of trying to squeeze in another 7DMT and throwing the whole plan off since I have a FP for it later.

@dez3b I also stole that tip from another liner @wilks09 so big thanks to them!!

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