Magic Kingdom TP for family of 12 ready for critiques
CL 7 on July 21, My 2 daughters with their families make up this group with my husband. We want to be together as much as possible. This is a memorial trip for my son who died 3 years ago on his birthday at 25 during this travel week. age of kids two 5-year-olds, 3 eleven-year-olds and 1 15 years old. This will be our 2nd touring day. Our next day will be a long early one at AK. I will schedule an evening to return for the firework show. Advice greatly appreciated.

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Firts off, im very sorry for your loss. And I think its great youre doing this trip in memory of your Son. We are also a group of 12, attending WDW in June, in memory of my Mom. It was her last wish for us to go altogether.

Anyway, It says i dont have access to the plan. Im sure you published it right? It could be because im using my phone and not my computer. Ill try later this evening when i get home. Very anxious to view this and compare to what i have.

Thank you, I am also sorry for your loss. I love the idea that you are a group of 12 going before us. I hope you will do a trip report when you get back. My husband and I are going down a few days ahead of time to check a few things out. Our group is staying at Port Orleans Riverside. We did the dining plan to make it easier on the kids. I was able to get all my desired ADRs except Ohana’s. and yes I have published it but if anyone else is having problems viewing the TP please let me know so I can troubleshoot.

I’m also not able to view the plan, it says I don’t have access.

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Please try again, the link is a little different.
Please try again, the link is a little different. Thank you

Ok, it works now. The first thing that strikes me is you’re doing a lot of criss-crossing the park - I might try to reorganize some things so you’re doing less back-and-forthing.

You can’t set up your fastpasses that way, each one has an hour period and they can’t overlap. So you could have one at 9, one at 10, and one at 11.

I’m pretty sure, if you want to get a decent view, you should go from lunch to staking out spots for the parade, and then do Pirates after.

Has the re-opening of the Tomorrowland Speedway been announced? I know it’s currently closed, and I was under the impression that that closure was maybe permanent…but I’m not positive.

Thanks, I think the EMM and the parade make it look like criss crossing. I am planning on veiwing the parade in Frontierland so I was told I didn’t need much of a lead time. But I can definitely adjust the Pirates, Jungle cruise, and parade when I find out about 4th fast passes and how the day goes. Thanks for the info on the fast passes, I did not know that, I guess that means we miss hall of presidents, which is kind of a plus for me. I did see the the speedway opens back up on May. I would rather not wait in the line for the speedway but I know the younger boys will be disappointed if they can’t do it. Thanks again!

Sorry, very long day at work and I almost forgot my DD15 was part of the tech crew for her High Scools opening night of “The Little Mermaid” So a very long day just turned into a very long night. I will definitely put together a trip report when we go. Also ill share my MK plan as soon as i finalize it. We are also doing EMM. I’ll comment more tomorrow. But I checked the link and its working fine now. FYI, fpp’s look fine if your planning them as 10, 11, & 12. You might consider 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and you can show up at the end of the first one and beginning of the 2nd. Might throw something in between the 2nd and 3rd to avoid “free time” but being on that side of the park theres not much to choose except country bears. (We actually like it). Another possibilty is making BTMRR your 9:30, and Splash your 10:30. You show up at the end of the window for BTMRR and then go right to Splash with no wait as yoir 10:30. Make Haunted Mansion your 11:30 and when you get off splash youll have free time before going to Haunted. Use that free time for Hall of Presidents… Anyway my brain is fried right now. Very excited for you and your family and look forward to sharing more in the next few days.

Edited to add more stuff :slight_smile:

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Not sure small world is a good use of time for EMM just due to how long it takes to ride. What about Winnie the Pooh or an extra turn on 7DMT.

Maybe sit down for Philharmagic instead of waiting an hour for buzz lightyear at the end of the day since it’s on your schedule already.

Add in some time for breaks every 2 hours. With 12 people you’re going to need to take bathroom and shopping breaks!

Have a great trip.

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Love your ideas, will change up those FP times. I just love Haunted Mansion so much, I didn’t want to wait. I did see I have a lot of extra time in Frontierland with nothing there. I am thinking some of the grandies might love Country Bear Jamborie. I wanted to give the families time to just enjoy the ambience as well, and not think I am a dictator. The end of the day after Jungle Cruise is flexibly scheduled to see what 4th FPs I can get and let parental units decide how much they want to push their kiddos.

Thanks Duffybear, I wasn’t sure how to list my Fantasyland attractions. I fiured when we arrived we would do Peter Pan then do a visual check of waiting lines and head to the most desirable.

Ok heres another idea. Tell me what you think. Instead of RD’ing Space Mountain and using your 3rd fastpass on Haunted Mansion. Flip em!!!
@9:00 head right to HM, they’ll be no wait for sure. then go to IASW ( which you may want to skip during EMM anyway to get more rides on the others that are open ) This should still get you to breakfast between 9:30-9:45. Plenty of time but your thoughts may vary on this. After breakfast head to fpp#1BTMRR, fpp#2Splash, Country Bears, then schedule 3rd fpp @ Space. If i recall correctly you were heading back to the Tommorowland area.

First I should say, I just added IASW for filler, my actual plan for EMM, everyone ride Peter Pan 1st. Then everyone for age appropriate groups to tour Fantasylandl some will do the 7DMT 10 times,other will do little mermaid, winnie the pooh etc. We may not get to IASW. Then we meet up at 8:45 to hit the big one in Tomorrowland then we have to go back anyway to Cosmic Rays almost on the way to HM and maybe BLY. I was trying to get my 1st 3 fast passes done early so I could schedule additional ones the rest of the day. We were going back to TL at the end of the day for the die hard 10 year olds and the tired others could return to the resort or just ride around on the people mover while the rest wear themselves out. Thank goodness for cell phones. This will be my 1st visit with cell phones.

A little about my group/plans.
We are 12 (ages 4-70ish). Normally my small group loves the thrill rides and we skip the kiddie rides. But with this being my Grandaughters first trip and others in the group who dont care for thrill rides I struggled to put together a TP that included everyone. Best way i could do it was to make 2 identical TP’s and tweak each one just a little to accomodate kiddie and thrill rides. The main plan keeps us together 85% of the time with only splitting up once in the morning and then again in the evening.

This is what i have so far but its rough draft and subject to change once i give it a closer inspection.

EMM 7:45-9:00
Our goal is PP, WTP, Mermaid, Carousel, 7dmt, Princess M&G… anything else is a bonus. (Other than 7dmt, all rides will accomodate everyone in our group. This tends to be my focus throughout all our park time together…picking attractions we can all do together)

9:00 RD…
Our goal is to RD HM, then IASW (depending on wait time… Im expecting little to no wait for IASW at 9:15ish)

Arrive @ Breakfast (45 minutes)

***Heres where we split up for a short time

1/2 the group uses fpp#1 (9:30-10:30) for Space Mountain
The other 1/2 uses fpp#1(9:30-10:30) for ETwB
*** we may need to use the grace period for these fpp’s depending on time***

We all meet back up at the castle and head to Adventureland

Use fpp#2 (10:30-11:30) for Jungle Cruise

Tiki room for some A.C. :smile:

Use fpp#3 (11:30-12:30) for Pirates of the Caribbean

Country Bears for some more A.C. and work on grabbing a 4th fpp for when we return in the evening :smile:

Head back over to Fantasyland area and get a group photo in front of the castle

Philharmagic (More A.C.) :smile:

BOG reservation. (Probably just for a light snack and beverage. Not sure group will be hungry but most wanted to see inside and i was able to grab a ressie for 1:40)

Head to front of park to get a view of the parade before leaving the park for midday break

Break back to the house for 3-4 hours

Arrive back @ MK
2nd time the group splits up*
1/2 the group uses fpp#4 (7:00-8:00pm) for either Splash or BTMRR (assuming SDFP was available to pick up during Country Bear Jamboree break earlier in the day)
The other 1/2 of the group uses fpp#4 for either Dumbo or Barnstormer.

Group 1 hangs out in Frontierland and does the 2nd ride they didnt have fpp for
Group 2 does the same in Stoeybook Circus

We all meet up for firework viewing.
(where? TBD, but definitely not the hub unless its a very low CL day)

Anyway… Thats my tentative plan for our group of 12, MK w/ EMM day. Sorry if it was long but I tried to be as descriptive as possible in case any of it helps you with your planning.

It looks like a great plan. Because our group is so big and I have 6 grandies i splurged on the Memory Maker package. I was sold when I found out it covered all of us. I was going to do the group picture in front of the castle when they 1st let us in for EMH but before we can access Fantasyland. I think it will be cool with the lack of other people. We are doing the BOG lunch on our last day, I love the look of Be our Guest. I am thinking the group would love Monsters Inc laugh floor together. And I know my 2 grandsons will want to ride Buzz at least a couple of times. Are you skipping the Mine Train? I put our my proposed Animal Kingdom Day TP earlier today. It’s strange to put so much work into this but it all will fall apart if we don’t get our fast passes.

Im also purchasing MM but because I know my group will want multiple pictures ( family#1, family#2, family#3, group, just the kids with Great grandmom, etc…) Im gonna schedule a block of time later on so we are not wasting valuable EMM time.

As for Buzz and MiLf, Id love to add them in but not sure we’ll be able to. Had them scheduled after breakfast on 1 of my plans before heading to Adventureland but I couldnt make the times work. Still a possibility if Fpp’s dont cooperate as you mentioned ( boy will that cause a last minute change of plans)

As for Mine train, i do have that at the end of my EMM before breakfast. I abbreviated it as “7dmt”. Im planning everyone tours together at EMM but ready to abandon that plan and just let everyone do their thing.

I’ll peak at the AK plan later tonight. Ive changed mine several times already and may need to change it again as i think i read somewhere that the train to the conservation center may be back in operation. DgD4 would love that.

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I am going to pretend the COnservation train isn’t open in my plan because I don’t want to work it in and give up something. As it is I will probably lose half my group before Rivers of Light show. We booked the Rivers of Light meal package at Tusker House. I am hoping the show is better than I remember if we have good seats.
I am also letting everyone do their thing at EMM accept the 1st ride on Peter Pan which I consider to be the most classic MK attraction. I should have been more specific about the mine train. I was referring to the Run Away Mine train out by Splash Mountain. My 10 year olds have already scoped that one and it is required by them. image

Ah yes, Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad. (BTMRR) Its in the plans for 1/2 the group.

After we use up our 3rd FPP on Pirates and head to Country Bears, I will be securing our 4th FPP for either BTMRR or Splash for when we return later in the evening for 1/2 the group. I’ll secure a 4th FPP for either Dumbo or Barnstormer for the other 1/2 of the group at the same time.

If i was touring with just my family, I would secure Splash and BTMRR as one of the first 3 as those are our favorites. For me, this trip is more about what my grandaughter wants/can do. I’ll be skipping all the thrill rides this time but am scheduling them for 1/2 the group.

Yep the Grands or priority number 1.