Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to walk from MK parking lot into the park or is it necessary to take the tram? We have been to WDW/MK before but stayed on site. It would be easiest just to walk if possible as we will be traveling with 2 double strollers.

You cannot walk to the park itself, but you can walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center from certain locations. It can be quite a haul. After all, the MK parking lot is one of the largest parking lots in the world.

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It is fully possible to walk from the Magic Kingdom parking lot up to the Transportation and Ticketing center.

From there, you must take either a ferry boat or a monorail in order to reach the park.

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sometimes buses are available at ttc in addition to the other options mentioned

also, it can sometimes be beneficial depending on crowd level and time of day to walk to the polynesian and grab the resort monorail to MK


Agree, buses are sometimes available, and the resort loop from the Poly can be quicker.

Realistically, if @Langer is hoping to avoid folding their double strollers (as I suspect is the case), then their best bet is to walk in to the TTC and then take the ferry, as it’s the most spacious of the options and least likely to require the collapsing of the strollers.


THIS! We didn’t do the ferry until our last MK day and wished we had done the ferry the entire time. It is so much more spacious and a beautiful ride also.

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I know I’ve asked before but I always like to see responses. How much time to park and get to the tapstyles? We have a PPO BOG but are off property so timing will be important.

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True…although the ferry just doesn’t have that Disney Magic the monorail does. It is just a ferry. But in the end, we do find ourselves on the ferry quite often. And with strollers, it is definitely easier.

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Our trip last year: the monorail broke down to MK and we had to take the ferry. It was so packed! It was awful. DH got motion sick and swears he won’t ride it again. I think it was because of the crowd, not because of the ferry.

Depends on the time of day (rope drop will take a long time because there will be tons of people. midday will be easier to just get on the first ferry or monorail). I would allot 1 hour to be on the safe side. You could get there in a little as half an hour.

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