Magic Kingdom non-thrill ride thoughts please

I did ask in an earlier forum post about The People Mover and the folks that responded convinced us to give it a try on our November trip.
So I thought I would ask about some more.
This will be our 3rd trip to WDW with multiple visits to MK on each of the first 2 trips and we have never experienced the following attractions. Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress, Enchanted Tiki Room and The Hall of Presidents. Other than getting out of the Florida heat for some A/C, what are the general thoughts on must see, give it a try or just keep walking by any of these 4 Disney classics?

The Tiki Room will split liners down the middle into lovers and haters. I am a TIKI ROOM LOVER. In fact – honestly – my kids and I listen to the song every morning at breakfast. I love it, love it, love it. Loved it in 1980, go there and have great memories of being 6 with my dad, and love it today with my kids. A nice break from the heat when you need some AC and a place to sit, and the show is exactly on the wavelength of my own sense of humor. Love love love! :slight_smile:

Honestly, see them all. These aren’t just fan favorites because the’re old, they’ve last because they’re well done.

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CBJ bored me as a kid, and when I look at in on youtube, bores me now. Haven’t tried it as an adult yet.

But Car of Progress – thought my kids wouldn’t like it, but just the opposite, my DD at 5 and 6 loves it. And it’s got great music too. She says, “mom, can we go to the great big beautiful tomorrow?”

Those are all classic attractions. You’ll find people who love/hate every one of those. Personally I would suggest trying everything at least once. Even if you don’t love it you’ll be able to join in on the conversations about those. Personally I like the Tiki Room and I love CoP. I haven’t actually tried HoP myself but will fix that next trip. As for CBJ it’s cute but not something I go out of my way to see.

Country Bear is something to be experienced once. And probably only once… until you have kids.
Tiki Room is cool for what it is, a nice respite from the heat. Not a must-do, but fun & classic, if a bit dated.
Hall of Presidents is so well-done & enjoyable. Not a must-see, but an often-see.

Carousel of Progress remains one of my all-time favorites & is classic Walt Disney w/so many nifty humorous touches & hidden gems; you’ll keep seeing new details each time. A must-see, IMO.

Your mileage may vary.
One dude’s opinion. :slight_smile:
Go well!

UPDATE: Each of these is an absolutely perfect “go-to” attraction whenever you’re near one of them & it’s the middle of the day when lines are long everywhere else. All are pretty much “just wait for the next show” kinds of waits.

I think they’re all worth seeing once, but not all in the same day. :smile: We did Hall of Presidents and Tiki Room in the afternoon of our MK day, and enjoyed both. I liked Tiki Room better, but I think that’s because I had vague childhood memories of the American Adventure show at Epcot and mistakenly thought that the Hall of Presidents was what I was remembering. It’s totally different. I plan to do Country Bears and Carousel of Progress in November.

Yep, they are also good places to go during a rain storm. (Esp. Tiki Room, ha ha! Get it, get it? When I was a kid I freaked out because I thought the storm was real and I was so worried it would ruin the rest of our day, ha ha.)

COP is an absolute must do for us - even my DS’s who are 7 love it. We also Love the Tiki Room. We haven’t done the other two, but are planning on trying them out next trip.

I LOVE carousel of Progress. It is a favorite of my families, this is a must see for us every trip. Catchy tune, nothing creepy. Like it’s a small world a relic from World’s Fair and Walt had a hand in it.

I also love the Tiki Room, but it can frighten some smaller children. I try and do it at least once a trip.

Hall of Presidents, good to do once, but that was enough for me. And same for country bears, once was enough.

Try them all and see how you like them.

SPOILER ALERT FOR TIKI: Yeah, the part that might scare little kids who are sensitive is some thunder, and then the music gets kind of loud with a lot of drumming and red lights for a minute. But my scaredy cat kiddos were okay… I tried to make it funny.

My kids are 12 and 14. Not worried about being scared, just bored. Thanks for all of your input so far. Very helpful. Please keep the thoughts coming.

Ha ha, well, at 12 and 14 they might think all of these things are pretty darn corny. :slight_smile: :corn:

I skip them all, sorry fans!

We actually did them all (except People Mover) last week. Of the list, CBJ really is the cheasiest. You have to go in knowing it is not great. We actually got the entire theater clapping along for one of the songs! You have to take your kids to it once, just so they can say they went to it. The other attractions are nice. We love COP!

I LOVE all of the classic attractions. With the way that the MK has changed over the years, it’s hard to believe that when it first opened, CBJ and HoP were THE two headliners, with waits up to 2 hours for each… CoP will always have a big place in my heart; I saw it when it premiered at the NY Worlds Fair in 1964 (where it was one of the most popular attractions there, and also frequently has 2+ hour lines). The Tiki Room was the first show that Disney created using AA figures. EVERYONE needs to see all of these at least once. And I would argue that HoP and CBJ, to this day, have some of the best AA figures in all of WDW…

Wow, that’s some cool history, @bswan26! Thanks!