Magic Kingdom Mickey

Do we know what Magic Kingdom meet and greet Mickey will be wearing in April? Assuming he is out of his 50th suit, trying to coordinate some outfits :slight_smile:


Here is something from

It’s likely that Mickey will once again meet in his magician outfit he wore at this location before the celebration commenced.

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Ugh. It says the statues will be leaving. I bought the new magic band just to play around with them!

From the article:
Disney placed 50 golden statues of favorite characters throughout all four Walt Disney World theme parks for the 50th anniversary. Built specifically for the celebration and with a golden “50” on each statue, these will likely be removed after March. What will become of them, or if there will be any way to see them again in the future, is anyone’s guess.

Finding all 50 statues makes for a fun scavenger hunt. Some are well-hidden, like Abu from “Aladdin,” who many guests probably don’t even notice as they walk underneath him when entering Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. Other statues are more obvious, like Mickey and Minnie, who are prominently in front of the castle. And speaking of the big cheeses, as a touching tribute, the statues of the two head honchos are dedicated to Disney’s employees, who they call Cast Members, past and present, who have been the heart of the Disney magic for five decades.

Disney also upgraded MagicBands — the optional wearable bracelet that can act as guests’ park ticket and hotel room key, among other things — to interact with the Fab 50. As guests wearing the new MagicBand+ stand in front of any Fab 50 statue, they can wave to the character and receive a special audio greeting.

Read More: Everything Leaving Walt Disney World When Its 50th Anniversary Celebration Ends

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Oh, that’s sad! I had hoped they would leave those. Seems like so much expense just to do away with them. Hopefully they will be displayed elsewhere.


I heard a podcast say it was likely they would be removing the “50th” mention but keep the statues! Now I need to rethink my travel plans next week. I didn’t plan on MK because Dec trip will be MK centric. But I want to see ALL the statues eventually.

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@ThorKat Since you work there :wink: I thought maybe you can comment on if you’ve heard any official chatter about Disney removing the statues.


I have not. I will keep my ears open though and come back if I hear anything.

I did t click the links above but unless it’s Disney actually saying it I would say it’s still unknown. Maybe they will paint them platinum and add a 100!


It’s not. And I’ve heard the contrary but it is still speculation I guess. I can’t imagine them going anywhere though.

Thanks everyone, I guess it’s all speculation for now. Will have to wait a bit more