Magic Kingdom Fireworks with Seniors (help)

Everyone, I am planning a trip next month with my parents. I can concerned about the fireworks, which I am sure they will love…but…I am concerned with the amount of standing. I looked at the dessert party but we will be in MK at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. I am trying to find the best solution for them to be comfortable while viewing. Any tips?

Maybe you can rent a couple of wheelchairs for the evening for them. Just so they will have a seat for the fireworks, and maybe special viewing.

There are many places in the MK that you can see the fireworks from. If you have a good view of the front of the Cinderella Castle you should have a good view of the fireworks. It does get pretty crowded though. DocHopper

We found getting to Caseys nice and early got a seat for us and we just ordered dinner and waited. Might be an option?

you might want to try the veranda at Crystal palace.