Magic Kingdom Fireworks Party

Hey folks…I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck booking a MK fireworks party within 30 days of their trip and/or the day of? My dad has some health issues and it just occurred to me that gifting him and my mom with the Tomorrowland Terrace dessert party might be a good thing as it would allow him to rest, sit down and take it easy while also enjoying the fireworks. I feel so stupid that I didn’t consider doing this earlier and I’m hopeful that some of y’all have had success with booking within a shortened window.

If you stalk the site you’ll probably find availability. I did last December.

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I’m also wondering if I book a reservation for 1 and then another reservation for 1 later on…can I join them somehow so my folks can sit together? I may have to call Disney for that, huh?

Yeah you may be able to call Disney and have them combine it to a party of 2.