Magic Kingdom Exit to Wilderness Lodge at Closing

For anyone who has familiarity with WL, after HEA I assume there is a mad rush to the transportation area to get home. We are staying at the WL, would we be better off waiting for the ferry that goes directly to WL or walking to the Contemporary and taking the other ferry from there?

I have always waited for the ferry at MK. I have not got on the first ferry, but I think I have always got on the second one.

I have done both, but seems the ferry from MK is faster (more capacity also); you can also take the bus, but that can be pretty bad too as far as wait times. September trip we decided to do the “after” HEA dessert party…hoping that means wait times for transportation will be better

Take the direct boat to WL. There was less than a full boat in April. I never had to wait for a second boat my entire stay. You won’t have any problem taking the direct boat.