Magic Kingdom Early Entry/RD

My family and I will be visiting WDW for the first time in November. We are staying on-site at CR and will have Genie+.

With the 30 min morning early entry, is it feasible to rope drop PPF and JC? If I recall correctly, Adventureland doesn’t open until regular park open, but I don’t understand how rope dropping works for different sections of the park. Does each section have it’s own rope? Say the park opens at 9:00 and we head straight to PPF at 8:30, would it be pointless to join the Adventureland line by the time we are done (with the intention of getting to JC)?

We will be traveling with DS who will be 2.5 at the time, so will be skipping the big rides (7DMT, BTMR, SM, etc). We will have Genie+ but I would like to pick an attraction with an earlier return time if the above is realistic at all.

Yeah after you ride PP if you head toward Lib Square (or back out to the hub and over to Adventureland) you’ll encounter another rope and be held there.

I don’t know if I would use my EE this way, but others have been there recently who might agree it’s a good strategy.

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What would you recommend for EE then (keeping in mind we won’t be doing the big rides because of our toddler)?

DH and I are hoping to get tickets to the Christmas after hours event to ride those while my parents stay with the little one back at the resort.

What about Winnie the Pooh?
It’s nearby and it’s open for EE

But I’d be snagging an LL for JC. Long uncomfortable queue you’d want to avoid once Adventureland opens.


Makes sense to me, given that you’re with a toddler. I’m not sure what other rides would be worth rope dropping.

What you could do is try for JC and see what time you get. Then decide what to do based on that (since it shouldn’t be too terribly hard to get good Genie+ times for the other toddler rides).


We actually considered doing exactly this RD plan without G+ but ended up buying it after all. I will say that if you want to do PM or AO then it may be worthwhile to hit those after PPF. The lines for both of those were long throughout our trip in Jan and neither have LL. You could probably get in Teacups and Barnstormer or Dumbo SB too with reasonable waits afterwards which is nice because then you can do them again with LL. Toddlers like “again! again!” or at least mine did. In that scenario I would get a JC at 7. Also, if PPF has an issue at RD that could really screw things up for the RD plan if JC is a must do which is just something to consider.


We rope dropped PP earlier this month. Got in the park at 8:20. Was in line for the ride at 8:37. Made it on the ride at 8:55 and were off by 9. I think either option (rd Pp and then hit JC) or LL JC for later will work. A LL would allow you to stay in Fantasyland after PP and take in all the kid friendly stuff there. Less walking and stroller parking woes lol. also I only know the times from looking at my pics lol


We considered that as well. I guess we’re just not sure what would be better in the long run - hitting the rides we will struggle getting good LL return times for first or just staying in Fantasyland and trying to ride as much as we can before park opening knowing we likely won’t be able to get a LL pick for the first 2 hours.

We will definitely look to see if we can get a good JC return time first. I’m not getting my hopes up, but we will for sure try. I’d like to avoid running across the park as much as we can.

Good points! I will need to think about this more.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the rides truly open at MK EE is much shorter than the list they give you. For example, Pooh was always “Still asleep.” Peter Pan was down too, and I don’t remember what else. You can figure out what is open by looking at their app. Anything with a wait time is open.

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Watch out for Winnie the Pooh ! The Heffalumps and Woozles scared our toddler and he was done for the day for any indoor rides😖. Funny now but it wasn’t then🤣


Ha - oh, no! Maybe we’ll try to ride that later in the day then. DS LOVES Winnie the Pooh. It is his favorite, so that was one of the rides I was most excited about going on with him. I’m really hoping we will see the characters in the park - at this point I think they would probably be the only ones he really cares about (that is if he’s not terrified of them🤞). Thanks for sharing.