Magic Kingdom day - suggestions

Going in late April and trying to decide which day may be best for our full day at MK (have a half day later in week potentially too for extra MK time). Which of these options do people feel is best?

Tues: CL 3 but there is a Fantasyland EMM event that morning that we will not be attending.
Wed: CL 3 with 2 hours of EMH at night (we are staying onsite)
Thur: CL 3 normal hours 9am-9pm
Fri: CL 4 with 1 hour EMH in morning, and a Disney Villians After hours that we will not be attending.

My first thought is Thursday since there are no EMH or ticketed events, but fearing everyone may think the same thing and Thursday could be really packed.

Any thoughts?


My logic:
The emm won’t be a big deal at all. It’s not like emh.
I wouldn’t do Wed because of the night emh. I ALWAYS do am EMH, not night.

If you have hoppers, my choice would be easy: Tuesday or Thursday, and then Friday would be a half day of mk in the am, then hoping somewhere else.

Without hoppers, then I’d do Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday because there will be people that made their “MK Day” Wednesday and Friday because of the EMH.

So, I’d pick based on how the jisaw puzzle worked itself out with the other parks, but with hoppers, it makes it easier to fit the pieces together.