Magic Kingdom Breakfast?

I’m kind of stumped on this one for our trip 4/29-5/5. Was originally thinking CRT but my sister questioned if my 4 1/2 year old nephew would enjoy it or if it would be too princess-y. Personally I think it’s still a great experience to dine in the castle BUT that being said there are literally no other options.
I know no one knows for sure, but do we think this is permanent? Is there someplace I’m missing?

We have fairly limited time, 5 total park days, and I don’t really want to spend time traveling to resorts in the morning and we are definitely rope droppers. My plan was to get there early and hit rides and then have a late breakfast.

Waffles from sleepy hollow?

If you wait until 10am, you can add vanilla soft serve from Sunshine Tree Terrace. (And pot stickers if that’s how you roll…)


We like a good sit down breakfast. We have 2 park days and Sleepy Hollow might work for one but I think I have some more planning to do. We may have to leave and come back.

We are still 2 1/2 months out so maybe more will open. I just hadn’t really stopped to think about how there are just the two options right now at Magic Kingdom.
And to rope drop we would have to leave too early to eat at the hotel. No one’s going to be hungry that early.

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With the lack of options open right now, and a 4yo, I’d probably consider Chef Mickey’s. I know you don’t want to leave the park, but a quick jump on the monorail won’t take long, and there just aren’t many choices there for a late TS breakfast if that’s a must.


We did CRT breakfast for the first time last week and LOVED it. I may never go back to lunch/dinner at CRT. Less expensive and my kids ate way more than they would from the other meal options. Although, the fruit waffles are always an excellent choice also!

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Crystal Palace isn’t open for breakfast yet? How did I not realise this?!

CRT is always a nice experience. Relaxing, good food, and you’re in the castle. I’d take boys there for sure. Unless they are in a “yucky girls” phase or something where they think they have to act out.

Chef Mickey’s is a good idea as well- but it’s a trek over there-and there’s a lot to be said for convenience, plus eating in the castle.

Realistically, what time are you thinking your breakfast will be?

Similarly, you might consider Kona Cafe. (Chef Mickey’s is probably a better bet in terms of interest from kids, but Kona is also very good and on the monorail line as well.)


It’s tragic. That’s one of my most favorite things in WDW.

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I knew Crystal Palace didn’t have characters yet but I didn’t realize it wasn’t open for breakfast yet either.
I can only assume it’s staffing as Disney I would think was raking it in with that breakfast. It was always full and a hard reservation to get.
I hope it comes back soon.


Between this and GG breakfast I guess I can’t give Disney my money!


Yes must be staffing. I can see why they have brought lunch and dinner back as they are more expensive but I am going to be sad to miss that breakfast if it’s not back for my trip.

I didn’t either, was also going to suggest— that was a good one!

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Ideally around 10/10:30. A couple hours of lower crowds in the morning with a break for breakfast.

Even the monorail resorts I feel like would add a minimum of an additional hour to breakfast considering getting out of the park, transportation and then possibly having lines to get back inside.
Plus we were planning for a break after the parade to ensure everyone (mainly 4yo) is able to make it to Enchantment as we are planning for a dessert party.

We just want some eggs lol

I may just reserve CRT and pivot if CP opens up.
I’ll just add it to the list of things I’m keeping my fingers crossed on. It can be #2 behind Fantasmic returning on my wish list.

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Not sure when Crystal Palace opens or if buffet or characters are back yet, but we loved it. We lean towards rope drop, hit the rides, and when the heat of the day is hitting and the crowds are also peaking, escape to air conditioned heaven of Crystal Palace for brunch/lunch. I always remember kids on the verge of melting down and doing a complete 180 with the AC and comfort of Crystal Palace, and have some great pictures of the Tigger and the kids as well

Let everyone know that breakfast is gonna be CRT at the time you’d like OR, since you have multiple restraints, just try to happily work inside those restraints, and snack up in the am (bring whatever makes sense in the backpack, buy whatever makes sense in the park,) and then do an early sit-down lunch to buck the crowds - a happy medium might be BOG at 11?

Also - just an opinion about early in-room breakfast, or snacks. It’s not about being hungry, it’s about being lightly fueled for the early am war to make it to lunch, and not be worried about food until then.

If you’re set on 10-10:30 tho, if you plan out your MK day to be near the entrance at 10am after doing rides early, it’s only a ten minute walk over to Chef M’s or you can hop on the monorail, AND you’ll get your breakfast foods, AND you’ll get pix, AND you’ll get some entertainment, AND you’ll have a quick way to get back into MK.

P.S. - I’m the only one in my group that thinks Fantasmic is a “do not miss at any costs.” I don’t know where the genetics went wrong.

We are leaving the park on our 3 MK days to do lunch at Steakhouse 71, Grand Floridian Cafe, and Kona Cafe. It is a break from the crowds and a short walk (Contemporary) or monorail ride to all three spots. A late breakfast would work, too, but we don’t want to stop touring that early.
We may stop for a quick snack in the mid morning: Gaston’s for a cinnamon roll, Cheshire for a Cheshire Cat Tail, .

We used to breakfast before rope drop but in recent years have opted for a late breakfast, about 10:30. In the park.

We do like a late lunch out of the park away from all the stimulation. Usually a nearby resort.