Magic Happens Parade Route

Looks like on Fridays and weekends there is a 3:30 and 6:30 Magic Happens parade and on weekdays only a 6:30 parade. For days there is only a 6:30 parade which direction is the parade (Small World to Main Street, or the opposite)? Thanks in advance!


It should be small world to main street unless it changes each day they only run it once (like they keep the parade at the place it ended). But typically first parade of the fay starts at

I love this parade so much.


I’m sad the parade ends 10/15. I arrive 10/16. :frowning:

No idea if this will be the case but when Soundsational only ran once it alternated it’s starting location always. If it ran from small world one day, it would start from Main St the next. If it ran twice, first of the day would be from small world and 2nd time would be Main St.

So far we’ve only gone on days that Magic Happens runs twice so I don’t know/can’t confirm if that’s the same for Magic Happens. The best source of info will be the CMs that setup the ropes for the viewing sections. They’ll have the most up-to-date info for you, especially since it’s DLR and even if they’ve always for the last 5 years done something the same way, they could wake up and decide to change it, because that’s how DL tends to run.

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