Magic Express Complications

Hi All,
So we have decided today that we are going to go ahead with our Disney trip in September (yay!)
Since we are from Canada, we will need to get a Covid-19 test at the Orlando airport BEFORE our flight home… (after some research I think this is the most convenient option).

We are (hopefully) planning on taking the Magical Express back to the airport.

Here is my question:
Can we book a time for pick up, rather than give our flight number? We will need to be at the airport an hour earlier than normal to get this test and get the results.
Since I have never used Magical Express before I don’t know how it works for return timing…

Find an earlier flight that meets your timeframe and give them that information.

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Yes, this. They don’t check to make sure you’re on that flight

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So I can’t just ask them to come by around a timeframe?
How do I find this earlier flight?

Just research flights as if you were going to book one, and get the flight number off a google search. Like if your flight is at 4pm, find literally any flight originating from MCO at 3pm and give them that flight number.


Just go to Expedia and search flights from MCO at the time you are wanting.

Edit: What @Jeff_AZ said!

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you guys know EVERYTHING!!
you are the best!!! Once again… thanks for helping out

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Are you looking at the AdventHealth clinic located in the West Hall of MCO? How much time do you need to get the test, and the results? Magical Express gets you to the airport 4 hours before departure.

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You’ll have to make sure it’s the RT-PCR test as the antigen test is not accepted when re-entering Canada

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