Magic Bands!

Magic Your Band lets you create customizable magic bands. I found a great free app called Repper pattern maker (the free version is for personal not commercial use) and made some patterns out of the logo. Then mocked them up as Magic Bands in Magic Your Band. See what you think. share which you like better!

Pattern one in a Magic Band:

And here is the 2nd, more straightforward pattern:


Love it

Love it :heart_eyes:

Okay, question for @Randall1028. I know the general theme of this excercisw is eventually for staff to upload new designs to Zazzle. The magic bands went a bit off course since anyone could just download the pattern and upload to Magic Your Band. The Touring Plans logo is owned by touring plans so I am assuming we would want some permission before doing that right? Thanks for clarifying!

yeah if the pattern ends up being available for public use, without TP getting a royalty from it, we won’t be able to use it. :frowning:

At least not without their explicit “ok”, as you said.

Okay, that’s what I thought. I went ahead and pulled the pattern pictures so no one can do that and just left the mock ups.

Could you sell the pattern on Zazzle? Or include it with a T shirt purchase or something?

Ohhh good idea! Or maybe we can give it away for free, I just didn’t want to get ahead of the process!

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I’d go with pattern 2 amiga. Pattern 1 made me see f’s instead of t’s. Lovely work!

Ohh good point, I like that they look like flowers, but looking at it again, the upside down t’s are problematic. Maybe I can play with that…thank you!

Another choice with the “t” facing in the right direction:

could you just have the signature T on the puck w/ a white or red MB and written on the band?

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you can definately do the puck (I can’t make this work in 3D). That was my original inspiration, I think I spotted a puck cover on one of Brian’s videos. It looks good with grey too.

To get the band with a different pattern from the puck you would have to order 2 separate bands - one for the band and one for the puck. Or be better with graphics than I am.

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oh this is what I was thinking about, thx. And then there could be words on the solid side of the band… the email or a funny