Magic Bands vs Memory Maker

Hi guys,

I do not live in the US and so our magic bands cannot be mailed to us; we will get them at check-in. I already purchased the Memory Maker for our trip and now I am wondering if I have anything to do in order to link the new magic bands to it.

Will the magic bands be automatically linked to my memory maker for the entire family, for me only or not at all ? I think there is a way on the MDE app to do it manually, just not sure it will be necessary and would like to know considering all the recent issues.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

If your memory maker is linked in MDE (or attached to your tickets as ours is in the U.K.) that’s all you need to do. Your magic band just accesses your MDE.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I did link my MM in MDE. So my wife’s magic band and my son’s magic band will also be OK ?

Yes if they are also linked to you in MDE which I assume they are!

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Yep they are. Thanks again ! :smiley:

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