Magic Bands via VPN

Hi Guys

I am living outside the USA and have booked my package about 10 months ago via Disney.

Disney no longer offers discounted magic bands to guests from the rest of the world.

Apparently there is a way to get these magic bands using a VPN. I have tried but no luck :frowning:

Can anyone advise on how to do this ??

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I did last year for a Christmas trip. I used a VPN that had a specific city as a location and simply used the address of the resort as my “home” address.

And I then got an email saying they would be waiting for us at the front desk. Which they were.


Did you also use the VPN to book your trip ?

Or did you change your address only when you did magic bands ?

I booked through the U.K. site for the first part of the trip.

And then used a vpn to log onto MDE. I think the order screen asked me to enter the postal address so I copied and pasted in the OKW address. It didn’t pre-populate from my MDE account.

It didn’t change the address on my reservation or MDE account.

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I did this for my trip last year too but I wasn’t asked for a delivery address, it just told me straight away that they would be sent to my resort.

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I just switch to the US website and I’m able to select. (I can’t if on Canada version) …I do have a US Shipping Address on my account … but I just wait until it is within the dates to ship to resort to order.