Magic Bands - split stay

Hi, I read this somewhere but I can’t remember how to do this. We are doing a split stay and would like only one magic band. As of right now will they send us multiple?? How do I get everything on one band? Do I have to call? When you call do you have to answer a million questions before you get a live person? That happened to me yesterday, I finally hung up b/c I had to go, lol.

Yes you will get 2 sets of bands if you have 2 separate reservations. If you want to opt out of one you can go into the magic band section on My Disney Experience and customize one set (pick out colors and names) and then you can decline the other set. Your magic bands are linked to your MDE account so everything will be on the 1 band you customize or if you get both then everything will be on both. You don’t need to link anything specifically to a band. As long as it is on MDE, it will be there.

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Exactly this.

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Whoops, I think I already customized all of them ,not seeing or knowing that I should decline the others. Now I can’t see that I can do that after the fact. Anyone know? Or should I just call?

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You can still decline them as long as you are not too close to your trip. Go back into the customize and below each magic band you can decline. If it is too late and you get both sets it is ok. You don’t have to use both if you don’t want to.

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This is correct. Both legs of split stay will be linked to your ACCOUNT, which is linked to both MBs, so you could use one or both. Your choice.

Oh ok, I thought they matched up to each stay, but each one matches up to all stays? We are 60 days out today.

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You could actually bring one from home and use that one. Because they are linked to the account, not the specific trip.


I think you actually have to wait until the first set of bands ships, then you can login and decline bands for the second stay. May be different if you already have some bands from a prior visit. You should get an email when the first set ships.

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Nope. You can decline whichever ones you want.

I think this is true if you already have some bands. In the case of folks who have not been in recent years, if there aren’t already any bands linked to their MDE profiles, then they are essentially starting from scratch. I just went through this and the decline button did not come available until after the first set shipped. But like I said, if you already have some older bands, you can probably decline any future bands.

You can decline them anyway. Nobody HAS to use MBs. I can’t see why it would matter to the computer about which trip you are declining for. They offer them every trip, and it will see the second leg as a separate trip. OP can accept those, but decline the ones for her first trip.

I agree with you. It shouldn’t matter. Just saying…I had this same question and called Disney. They explained the process on how to decline them to me. It’s a simple button to click on MDE website. But the button does not show up until after the first set ships. Or I guess if you were to purchase bands separately and then link them to your profile, then you would have the option to decline future bands. I agree with you in theory, but from my own personal experience…the button wasn’t there to decline until after my first set of bands shipped. I did not have any old bands in a drawer. Haven’t been since 2009. This was about two weeks ago for me. My bands shipped late March. The best way someone explained it to me was think of the bands like a debit card. You can have as many cards as you like, but they are all linked to the same account. Your “money” (fast passes, tickets, reservations, etc.) are in the account. I guess from Disney’s point of view, they feel obligated to issue you at least one band before you can decide not to use it.

I think everyone should have a spare magic band. I always carry one in my park bag. I learned my lesson when my MB flew off my arm in Buzz. When this happened you could still be fast passes for Wishes and my fast pass was in 15 minutes. The CMs tried to find the MB (it had my AP slider on it) but they could not find it. If I did not have a spare I would have missed the fireworks. Do not decline if you do not have a spare.


Oh wow!! Great point! Thanks.

Agree! We have lots of them, and always carry an extra just in case one falls off right before another FPP. Plus they are fun, I took 7 or 8 on our trip, matched to what I am wearing each day!


Good point!

I hadn’t even thought of that. I’m glad I didn’t decline them now for my second trip of the year! (I can’t find my bands from last year’s trip. DOH!)

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I agree with another on here that you should keep both sets. Last time we went I lost my magic band but was able to use my second one as they are all for the same trip and not just the one reservation. Also you paid good money for your trip so get everything you have available to you. Also many people use them to decorate there christmas trees and such when no longer using them.