Magic Bands Shipping Status

I recently read some posts on Lines re: MB not shipping and people had to call to get them to ship. I am at 22 days and the status has been stuck at “being personalized.” I know from where I work there can be glitches with shipping. I called Disney today and was told it would arrive before I left on Dec. 3. I spoke to 2 different people; I think the first CM put a manager on the phone because he sensed I was not satisfied with his response but the second person was not any more reassuring. At what point should I be worried and call again?

Mine didn’t ship until 18 days so I would say if they don’t ship by the 15 day mark I’d call back.

Thanks @Outer1. I will be patient and wait. I guess the worst case scenario is I will get them at check in. Frontier changed our flight - moving it back by 2 hours - so no parks for us on our first day.

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When Delta did this, I called and got on an earlier flight for no extra $

@Sam2071 This is a new route for Frontier and I think they are adjusting the schedule due to response. I contacted them and could not get it changed. And now…I have an all day meeting at work that I must attend. We are also returning 2 hours later; getting home at 11 PM and then work the next day will not be fun; but, it will be an amazing trip.

Had a similar issue in the return. It was great having all that time on the last day but yup the next morning at work was rough. Then again, getting up early and crashing late was par for the course following WDW. Thanks be to coffee. :slight_smile:

Did you say “Coffee”? I’m looking forward to Starbucks at WDW on this trip, if the lines are not too long. And btw, magic bands are now in shipping status due to arrive on my birthday next week.


What does the package that the magic bands arrive in look like?

Mine just came yesterday. The mailing box is plain brown. I can’t remember what the return address says because the recycle pickup was today. This is the inside box:

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Nice!! I got my confirmation that mine sent yesterday, so I’m getting excited to see it. I’m glad it’s inside a cardboard box. I really hoped it could be wrapped nicely as a present.

Does it say anything about WDW on it? To my California kids, this image isn’t going to be enough to give anything away. They’ve never seen that Mickey-in-a-circle symbol. I’m hoping the outside and the inside will still keep the mystery going.

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The cardboard mailing box is plain, with just a mailing label. The side of the inside box does say WDW:

Mine were mailed on Monday and I received them on Thursday.

Wow! This is torture.

Disney shipped my Magic Bands on the 10th. Plenty of time to make it by the 24th for the big reveal for DS & DD on Christmas day, right? USPS even said it was set to arrive on the 18th. It didn’t.

I tracked the package last night and it said it left Tennessee on the 10th, and that was the last they heard of it. Then I checked again this morning. At 1am, the package arrived at a USPS transit station and simultaneously left for it’s destination, my work. I’m not in work today, but I have the receptionist on the lookout to tell me when it arrives so I can run over there to pick it up. We are closed on the 24th, so this is the last chance to get my MB before Christmas.

Of course, I could sit outside our closed building all day tomorrow watching for the mailman while DW and kids celebrate with her family… not happening.

Pixie dust and fingers crossed, please.

Keep us posted. I hope they arrive in time for the holiday. I thought they were packaged very nicely. Mine arrived on my birthday in November. My present to myself. :smile:

Ugh. Nope. They didn’t make it. The tracking says they’ll be delivered today, but our building is closed so they can’t deliver. My last ditch effort is to leave a note on the gate asking them to deliver to our lock box, but that’s a long shot. If the gate is locked I can’t imagine them seeing the note.

Well, at least I have the ME luggage tags and maps, and the Incredibles welcome packet to give them tomorrow morning.

I’m so sorry, @thechindo. How disappointing. I can’t believe they took so long to get there. I wonder what the hold up was?? Mine only took 4 days. The reveal will still be exciting with the other things you have. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks @scrapper1617. It’s still gonna be an amazing Christmas. I’ll just count the magic bands as the little surprises along the way.

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Well, the bands didn’t arrive in time. The USPS tracking actually said it arrived to our closed business a half hour after I left.

However, the surprise still went off super well. Here it is for your enjoyment:

The WDW Christmas Gift Surprise

What a wonderful surprise!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!! I hope we have great weather.
(Sorry about the bands not getting there in time)

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