Magic Bands have not arrived

Has anyone else had an issue with their Magic Bands being lost or delayed in shipping? My Magic Bands were shipped on October 30th. According to USPS tracking, they arrived at the Post Office facility in Atlanta on November 3rd. The status hasn’t changed since that entry - still stuck in USPS limbo. I called Disney, and they said they could send me another set or have them sent to my resort instead, so they would be waiting for me upon arrival. Will Disney expedite or overnight delivery, or insure the package? I’d like them to send new ones directly to me - getting them in the mail is part of the excitement! Or would it be better to just have them waiting at the hotel? Our trip isn’t until November 27, so we still have a little time.

Have you checked with USPS? Sometimes, albeit not all the time, I have luck emailing them with my tracking number. They will get back with you and try to help, but sometimes it just gets lost. I don’t have any advice about what to ask Disney to do, I know they try to be accommodating but I’m not sure how much they will do when shipping them out as far as insurance. Good luck! I totally understand the excitement with the package!

I would first suggest the same as @Kerryogie, but if you still can’t locate them you might want to have Disney ship you replacements just to be on the safe side. I checked the tracking info for our MBs that we got for our trip last month, and we received ours within six days, so you should have time for the new ones to arrive in time.

Ours took about 10 days after they said they were “shipped”

On our last trip, ours took about two weeks after they shipped to get to our home in PA.

Our neighbors took a trip for Halloween 2015, their bands were lost somewhere in California (per USPS tracking)… After calling Disney, a second set was then sent and they arrived just before they traveled.

If they shipped on the 30th, I’d suggest checking the USPS tracking info and waiting a few more days, or reach out to the USPS asking for their help. If they are “across the country”, then I’d call Disney.

Also, if you have magic bands from a previous trip, I’d just use those for your travel down, and initial room key, and have a new magic band set sent to the resort.

This is our first trip with Magic Bands - last time at Disney was 2013. I know we’re still within the timeline Disney gives for delivery, but I was worried because my daughter’s came on Saturday, and mine were still with the shipping partner in Atlanta (according to a local Post Office employee, who tracked the package on his computer for me). But I got encouraging news this morning - 4 updates from USPS, one right after the other! Somehow overnight the package went from being stuck in Atlanta to “Out for Delivery.” Needless to say, I’m anxiously waiting for the mail today!