Magic Bands Frustration!

I’m planning a vacation for 13 people through three different MDEs and I’m a little frustrated. When I log into MDE for the two accounts aside from mine (who are just getting regular magic bands), it says:

Your MagicBand Order Has Been Received
Review Your Order
Make changes by July 2, 2019 for pickup at check-in.

But then if I click on “review order” it doesn’t have anything chosen – like I never personalized them. And I’ve personalized them no less than three times. I’m not too worried about one party because we’re at the same resort (POR) and will be arriving together so I can help them sort it, but my elderly parents are at WL and are arriving later in the day than we are. They don’t know anything about magic bands, so I really wanted to have everything before we leave to help streamline the process for them.

Anyone else having this issue? Do you think I should call Disney to figure out what is going on with all this? We leave for our trip in 32 days.

I would call, yes.