Magic Bands for off site?

We are Going to be visiting AK and Epcot in March and staying off-site for the first time. Wondering if it’s worth buying Magic Bands for the 4 of us and if not, how will park entry/tickets work? I have them purchased and located in my app but wasn’t sure how admission works without Magic Bands for each member of our party of 4.

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I rarely stay off site but my understanding is that your MagicBand will work perfectly fine for entry / LLs if you are staying offsite. The only difference is 1) you can’t use your MB as your room key (obviously); 2) you can’t make charges using your MB; and 3) you won’t get the discount on MB purchases.

I might be missing a factor, but off the top of my head those are the major points to consider.


We always stay offsite. Iy you have some old MB those are very likely already liked to your account and you can use them. Check on the MDE > My MagicBands and Cards menu. You can also go to a ticket booth and ask for cards instead. In my opinion either option is better than your phone.

Other than room charge everything else works the same.


We got cards in the mail the last time, and they worked just fine for tapping in.

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You can still use any previous MB/MB2/MB+, or you can get a plastic ticket. They will all have an NFC chip that will all connect to your account.

The procedure is a bit different at Disneyland.

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