Magic Bands for Kids?

We received our Magic Bands yesterday. My girls can wear them with the gray guard, but I am considering cutting the end some so it's not so long. Is this okay? Any tips?
Also I think I need to remove the gray completely for DS3, but am nervous about messing the whole thing up. Any advice is super appreciated!

We removed the gray guard for our DD4 on all of her Magic Bands (one of every color plus one Elsa band plus one DCL band). It really helps fit better for smaller wrists. I don't know if I would just cut the end of it off, though. If it is too long, then that's what removing the guard is for. It's super easy to do and we haven't messed any of 'em up yet, so you'll do fine. smile

Removing the grey guard worked really well for our DS7. I guess he was still 6 at the time of our trip. I would try that before cutting anything.

Thank you @mascardofamily. I have decorated the girls bands with tattoos and think the gray bands will help protect them. I definitely have no clue if that is true though.

I have a really small wrist. I could actually remove the gray band but do not like the look. I cut the end off the gray band so it has the same boarder as the rest of the band curving the end. I generally "sand" the rough edge off with an emory board. I have 7 MB that I have cut off in the same way.

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Can anyone post a pic of what your talking about? I'm still magic bandless lol

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@T_I_double_gah_errr, thanks for the info - I cut the gray part on my sons and it fits great. I like the way they look with the gray as well.
@chilepeppr4, here's a pic of our MBs. They say to remove the gray part for smaller wrists. I cut off the excess on my sons (the orange band) and left it on my DHs, (blue). I did the tattoo decorations on my girls and MILs but they are cracking. Wondering now if I need to try to remove them or just but covers if they mess up and peel when we get there.
I used pink and white sparkle polish called "Minnie Style" on mine, (red), and it seems to be holding up well.

Oh yeah, forgot the pic.

I have small wrists and take the gray part off all mine

I like the cutting idea a lot. I have small wrists, but without the grey it would be a fraction too tight.

Check out for a picture about half-way down the page.

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