Magic bands for 2.5 year old

We have a 2.5 year old traveling with us, will she get her own magic band? We are planning on staying on the property.

yes, if she’s listed on your room reservation.

As @rcbarker said, they discovered early on that parents wanted them as souvenirs and to keep the tots from fussy at the older tots…mine…mine…mine…


My 9 month old nephew got one, so your 30 month old should too!

Just be ready for your 2.5 year old to not want to wear it… My ds5 still doesn’t ever want to wear his MB! There is a part you can take off to make it smaller but just make sure your little one will wear it since once it’s small it won’t fit you :slight_smile: I wear double MBs every trip :wink:

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Mine got one last yr. It only opened the room door. one night was the only band that worked. He loved it. But let the cast member know before he scans it, they have to do something if they scan it. Most CM would “scan” it with their hand held device or their phone. He would hold it up to the “apple”.

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