Magic Bands, can we pick them up early?

I added my in-laws to our stay. They live in FL. They have 4day FL Res. tickets and a room only reservation all linked to my account. We are to pick up their magic bands at the hotel. My question is can we pick up their bands the first day we are there? This will be 2 days before their hotel reservation.

We tried to pick ours up the night before and was told that they haven’t arrived yet. At 6 the next morning it was no problem. Got our magic bands and went straight to the park for EMH.

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Oh no!
I hope we can get theirs. I know one time on BoM one of them just went to the front desk and asked for a new magic band to match his outfit and he was given one. So I am hoping they have a stash and can just link them to accounts. Not sure though.

I’m totally just speculating here, but it might be different for your reservation than it was for @VyInDK, since yours are all on your reservation, and you will already have started your stay…maybe? (Again just guessing lol)

Alternatively, if you asked them for plain gray bands just for them to use until they check in to the resort, they might be able to give you those.

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