Magic Bands and staying offsite - where is the best place to purchase upon arrival

Where is the best place to get a variety of magic bands for the family (4) when arriving on a Saturday afternoon, evening 3/31? Was thinking of heading to Disney Springs. If i do that, do I get them from the Disney store and then I can link them right away on the MDE app or do I need to go to the store, purchase, then go to Guest Relations to link? (on app going to my account, clicking magic band or card, then click link a magicband or card?)

I am confused and was thinking this would be easier than having to find my kids tickets every time I needed it at the turnstiles, FPP, ride photos, etc.

If I can just pop into the store without having to visit guest relations that would be awesome.

I purchased my tickets from UT and have already linked them and made FPP selections.
Plus my daughter has been looking forward to getting her own magic band. LOL

I don’t want to spend a lot of time just doing this one thing. We are headed to MK the next morning, early for Easter!

Thanks for your help! I’ve been researching so much it’s starting to get all jumbled up in my brain.

If you’re flying in, both of the Disney stores at MCO (the EarPort and I forget the name of the other) have them.

If you’re doing dinner at any of the resorts, the one of resort gift shops will have them.

You can order them ahead from Disney and have them sent to you, though you’re getting tight on time.

Once you purchase, open up the band, and link (and assign) them with the code on the back of the band - should be 12 digits with 2 dashes in the missile, in the form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx in the “magic bands and cards” section of MDE. And you’re set!

I knew I was over thinking it. Lol, I will sit on a bench somewhere at DS and do it. Thanks!

That will be so much easier if I can swing by the store and buy them Sat night. My DD will want everything in the store though.

We are driving and not planning dinner anywhere. :frowning:
Who doesn’t like shopping with the masses on a Sat evening only to get up at the crack of dawn the next morning for MK.

Totally get that. If you’re doing Disney Springs, you could check Pin Traders as an option, to avoid the glut of merch at World of Disney. I’m not 100% sure they MBs there, but I think so.

And it will give me the option to do it for each ticket I have assigned- as in multiple family members?

Ah I will check that out! Thanks for the tip!

Sure - I assigned one to DD10 with no trouble. In the same way that you added your tickets from UT, you add a MB and then assign it to a person.

According to the website, Pin Traders is an option.

I’d do that and avoid WoD for the crowd that night.


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We went three week’s ago and the Disney Store in the airport did not have them. We found them at Pin Traders at Disney Springs. Super easy to link!

Have fun!


oh no! I was hoping to get them from the airport! do you know if this is a perminent thing?


No magic bands in the Disney store at Mco…?