Magic Bands and stacked tickets


We have unexpired days on our magic bands (well, really the account wink ) from our last trip. I know last time it caused some issues with combining old & new tickets. Has anyone had any experience with this recently? Have they solved the problems? (problems booking FP+, sometimes entry problems, etc. - spent a lot of time with tech support there.)


I would like to know this as well. I would actually like to unlink my old tickets to avoid problems since we won't be using them this trip. But IT told me on the phone yesterday that it couldn't be done. They can transfer to another account but cannot simply unlink. So I'm hoping the stacking works!


I think it still causes problems. I saw somewhere that Disney can designate a "primary" ticket. So the days on thay ticket get used first. I would call and ask about that.


That's what they did last time I was there, but it took a few tries to get it right. I have 1 non-expire day left for me, DW & DS, and twin DDs have 4 non-expire days left.

What we did last time was use the regular ticket first, then start tapping into the non-expire stuff. Otherwise I would have lost all the tickets as the non-expire would have been used first, and anything left on the regular tickets would expire after 14 days. frowning

I think this will require a call to Disney IT. hopefully I can find the number somewhere.


Where did you do that - in the park? Downtown Disney? Seems like if you go through the tapstyle it would take a day from "some" ticket and if it was the wrong one it would be a hassle to get straightened out. I know I spent far too much time on this last September, although to be fair it was when they were in the middle of rolling it out.


I did it at guest services at DTD, but you could do it at GS at any park. The key is to go to GS before you tap in.


Thanks. I tried at DTD last time but still had problems the next morning for our pre-RD CRT ressie. And to top it all off, the place to get it fixed was INSIDE the park in the Town Square theater. Smh.

Oh well, at least I've got another year for them to work the kinks out before we go back smile


Oh, bummer. Well, hopefully next time it will work out!


I thought there was a place on the MDE site where you could un-attach a ticket.We have a tickets with only WP&M left on a non-expire and we may not want to use them for a few trips. Might not matter if we don't go to WP or Disney Quest at all on a trip.


No place (that I can find) on MDE to unlink, and according to Disney IT it cannot be done. Or at least according to the first IT cast member I talked to. If I call back in maybe a different CM would tell me something different?
It's frustrating because I got myself into this mess because I wanted to see how many WP days were left on the tickets. You can't see that through MDE, and they won't tell you on the phone even after it is linked.