Magic Bands and day off

We have two questions. Here is our deal. We were thinking about taking a day off outside of the parks. We were going to take our oldest to universal (HUGE!! HP fan) and let our younger two hang out and rest outside of the parks either with me or my parents. (Going in January if that helps).

First question - My parents live locally and if they offered to babysit for us at the resort (por) could they use our MBs for the day for access to the room, pool, and meals (not the parks).

Second question- if I stay with the littles for the day what are some fun things we could do that are cheap, would be good for a 4 and 1 year old, and do not require a ton of transportation (we cannot Uber as we need two car seats and I cannot be on the buses with them by myself for too long as it gets crazy). Please include any QS meal suggestions.

Where are you staying?

Yes, at the resort they could use your MB (do not need finger print) but they may need your PIN number at times.

Are you thinking of staying with the younger ones at POR?

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I’d imagine that a 1 and 4 year old would be content hanging at the pool all day! You could also take the boat to Disney Springs and stroll around there for a while. The little ones would enjoy the boat ride even if you don’t stay at DS very long.

I second the boat ride. It’s wonderful. And there is a lot they can do at Disney Springs. Visit the Lego store and world of Disney. Go for ice cream or desserts at any of the awesome eateries.

Third vote for Disney Springs. There is (was) a little kid carousel over there by the Christmas store. I think the area would keep the littles busy for sure. Earl of Sandwich gets great reviews but there are lots of new restaurants that do take out. Also, if you are using the water taxi during the middle of the day you might get a nice driver who would allow you to keep the stroller un-folded. I’ve heard mixed reports of this!

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Port Orleans Riverside