Magic Bands 1st Time

Out last trip was in 2010 & am curious when do you start wearing the magic bands? I realize everything is on them. We aren’t using the magical express & secondly, once you put them on do you leave them on 24/7, while sleeping, showering, swimming?

I’ve been putting mine on while headed to my resort. Because of the new “text to room” you can sometimes go straight to your room and it’s much easier to have it on before arrival, rather than digging around for it at your door.

Yes, you can leave it on 24/7. It’s waterproof. I usually take mine off at night, but sometimes not.

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You can leave them on 24/7 if you want. Some resorts you need your MB to open the gate to the pool, so you would wear them to the pool/swimming- plus they open your door on your return. I do take DME so I usually put mine on when I get up on arrival day. I usually take mine off in the room, and I never sleep with it on- but you could if you want!

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I drive to WDW so I usually put mine on when I get dressed on departure day. It’s kind of a way to say my vacation is “really” starting :slight_smile: