Magic Band?

We’ve got a trip in March. Looking at the pre arrival magic bands and the choices look pretty slim, especially for what a little boy might want.

Does anyone know when/ how often they restock this pre arrival inventory?

What about using our bands from 2018? Will they work with all the newer tech?


Magic bands work forever for anything you tap. The only thing they won’t work for are the auto ride pics and videos. The super special magic bands that will be out some time this year also interact with the gold statues in some way. I assume they also do everything else but honestly not sure.

I’ve got some from seven years ago. I’m curious if they will work. What I don’t want to do is arrive the first week of April and all the kids have the MB+ and we don’t. Would be a five-alarm fire for my six-year old :joy:

Actually I’m sure the old ones would need batteries and hopefully haven’t corroded.

Are these like the photos/videos you get on TOT, Buzz Lightyear or 7 Dwarves?

The used to have places you could tap after the ride to make sure you got your photo, do they still do this?

What about if only I had the upgraded band and we all rode, would it capture the photos for everyone (we’re all linked in my family/friends)? I’m thinking of Buzz and how we will be in multiple ride vehicles.


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I have been meaning to research this but are the gold statues permanent? I’m sure the info is out there but since you brought it up… :grin:

Yes exactly. Last time I mentioned the tap points I was told there weren’t many left, but I don’t know personally as I haven’t been for 2.5 years. It would only pick up your ride vehicle.

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I don’t think they are permanent but I honestly don’t know much about them.

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Whelp, now I will research, lol. TY anyways.

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I’ve been watching, hoping they would add more inventory, but they appear to have a smaller and smaller selection each day. 24, 23, 21… only 19 options today.

Who knows, but maybe they are letting them sell out in preparation for the new interactive magic bands?!

I found a nice selection on EBay and I bought new ones from a reputable seller with 100% feedback. I had no trouble linking them with each person in our party, but the paranoid side of me still wonders what could go wrong. It occurred to me, if someone previously linked a MagicBand would it show up when you try to link it? Also if they linked it, never used it, then unlinked it, is it like new?

Yep I’m thinking they are cutting down on production to make way for the new and improved MB’s.

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Agree choices for boys are SLIM

Last year they restocked with all new Magic Bands in mid-February. Perhaps they are going to do the same this year and are letting current inventory dry up…

My DD10 lost a MB on a ride in Dec. 2020, and the super-nice CM said to be sure to cancel the MB in MDE as it had room charging capabilities. I went into MDE and … well … there were about 3 MBs attached to her record as we never knew to clear them out post-trip. So you can link and then unlink and I believe it “erases” or “resets” the band. You can also delete it permanently from your account.

I hope that helps. Now we clear them out before each trip and make sure current MBs are linked up if we are reusing the band.

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I’m pretty sure they aren’t transferable. So if it were ever linked before you wouldn’t be able to link it to yourself. You can deactivate but that wouldn’t let you then link it to someone else I don’t think


“Once a MagicBand or card is linked to your Disney account, it cannot be transferred to another person.”

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