Magic band upgrade ordering question

If ordering the upgrades, do I have to order them all at once for my entire travel party of 5 or can I buy it one at a time (as only one of the five I’m hunting is currently available)?

You have to order for everyone at once. If you order a premium band, even if only 1 and everyone else has plain, once they’ve processed the order you can’t go back and order again. If you order just the plain ones, I believe you can go back after and order premium ones.

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Yep, we finally seemed to order ours (3 premium, 1 standard) and can’t amend - I see what we’ve ordered.
Which is unfortunate as only 2 of the 3 premiums actually registered and so my son is now in some kind of magic band limbo. No idea what will be waiting for him when we get to the hotel!

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Sigh. Now I understand why I never got to a payment page when I selected just 1. This bites as not every design I want is available. I love you, Disney, but you make that love hard sometimes…


Argh- that sucks! Fingers crossed your son will get the upgrade somehow!

It’s shockingly bad isn’t it. They had probably sold out of the third, but they don’t tell you!! I expect he’ll get grey.

Have you tried calling to see if they can hold off on completing the order?

I waited as long as I could for the special ones to return, but gave in and ordered our two plain ones, just to make sure they had the right colors and text. I promptly got the confirmation email. The next day or so when the special ones were reported to be back, it would only show that I had already ordered, and could not show me the options.

Bottom line: once I finalized the order for plain ones, including going to the payment screen, I could never modify.

Someone reported just yesterday on chat that they’d already ordered plain bands because they leave in 2 weeks, but they were able to order the premium ones yesterday when they were restocked.

So I guess it can go either way.

The only consistent thing about Disney apps- they are inconsistent. :sweat_smile:


You are probably right with the grey band - that’s what’s showing for him. At first I thought it was grey for ‘nothing chosen’, but what you say makes sense - it’s grey for ‘grey’.

I’ve sent a mail to see if they can do anything, and I’ll maybe call if that comes to nothing, but don’t hold out much hope given how this debacle has played out to date.

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The message says if you choose a premium you will still get the “modify your bands” message until they ship when that will go away (and you won’t be able to modify tour bands). If you chose colors, you can modify up to your ship date.

My experience fits with this (I have 3 distinct stays in July so have seen all the versions)

The worst is if you are waiting for a different premium for one person, or if they are out of one when you hit process . I would definately choose colors for everyone, then modify to the premium and hopefully you will at least get the color you want.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I found that chat discussion. In my case, I likely can’t try now. They shipped just over 2 days later (arriving today). But we now have AP and will have upcoming trips to try for different bands.

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Blargh. I ordered the Black Panther one for DS (it was the first time during this whole MB upgrade stocking fiasco that I ever saw it listed) and selected free, plain MBs for the rest of the travel party, thinking I could go back in and modify the plain ones for the upgrades whenever they became available. I even got an email explicitly saying that I could do this through an included link but it doesn’t actually work. When I go into the MB page in My Disney Experience directly, there isn’t an option to modify the plain MBs. And they just shipped my order even though I technically had 11 more days to make selections to send to my home. I called Disney and “think” I got sent to the Tech Support team instead of the regular helpline- after 30 minutes of looking at it, she told me that they put out a ticket for a special Tech Support team to look into this issue and that lots of people are having this problem. DH keeps reminding me that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal as we can always buy the designs we wanted when we get to Disney but Type A personality me is thinking, “BUT it would’ve been way easier and less complicated (not to mention cheaper!) if this whole process worked the way it was advertised!!!” Grrrr. I love thee Disney but you make that love hard.