Magic Band tech

How cool would it be if Disney would let visitors have access to some of the tracking data they collect from Magic Bands? For anyone who ever has a group that splits up, it could be really helpful if you’re trying to find someone. This specific data might not be available right now, but I don’t think it would be difficult to make it happen. (yeah, yeah, I know, Disney IT, but anyway)

Picture this:

You and one kid head one way while your SO and other kid go another. You want to meet up with them, but maybe they aren’t great about reading/responding to texts. How cool would it be if MDE let you know that they got in line for 7DMT at 10AM? Or that they boarded the ride at 10:30AM? This seems like it would be very possible and very helpful if you wanted to head in the right direction to know where/when to find them instead of just waiting to get them on the phone.

Kid wanders off, is found by CM. CM scans MB and parents MDE alerts them to the location.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but it seems like they could share some of this with us. I can’t think of any negatives unless you are private and just don’t want your family to know where you are, but you could always have the option to turn it off in case you’re travelling with extended groups and don’t want everyone to be able to find you.


We accomplish this through the use of Life360.

fair point. I just figure Disney is tracking us already, why not just let people see that for themselves

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You’re right. Also MBs aren’t able to directly determine location. Sensors around the park can approximate location, however…and as you pointed out, they could, in the very least, use tapstyle taps to confirm last known location, etc.

I wasn’t meaning to diss your idea. I think it is a good point. Just pointing out you can accomplish what you are talking about right now with Life360 is all.

Never thought you were.

AAAnnnnnddddd… you’ve just found another way for Disney to upcharge, lol!

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Nah, they can’t possibly think they could charge money for anything through MDE in its current buggy state.


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I believe they will use it if a kid is lost and they can scan his/her band. Or the parent’s band, depending on who is “found”.

I don’t know to what extent or how exactly they use it.

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All kidding aside about Disney gouging just one more thing, this would be very helpful. I bet kids get lost all the time…

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Actually, I believe they say that kids never get lost at Disney, but sometimes they lose parents.


Yes! Mine actually admitted to HIDING once. They were 13 and 15, but still. You know there grown but are they?

My DD works security for 6 flags and she works in the lost parents building, because kids don’t get lost only the parents do.

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