Magic band surprise

We were looking for a fun way to surprise the kids (teens/preteens) and were wanting them to open something mailed from Disney. I had not gone to look at magic bands since I was anticipating we would not be having them mailed free with our room. But when I finally did go to the link I saw that you can purchase customized bands at a discounted price before your stay! There were so many super cute options. So I picked out the perfect ones for the kids and hopefully they will be mailed soon as our trip is mid June and I am getting anxious to tell them about it!
I am going to try using my Apple watch as a MB. Hopefully that works well. I will have my phone as well if the watch seems glitchy.
As an aside, last time we took the kids was end of summer 2019. We pretended that we were on our way to buy school supplies and instead surprised them by going to the airport to fly to Orlando!


What a nice thread! I was afraid the “surprise” was going to be about the $5 increase in price. So glad you found a good bargain!


Thanks! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize you could buy these bands from Disney. I thought it was only the plain colored ones that you could buy with your room reservation.
I did see custom bands in the Disney store but not a huge collection. I think there may also be a big selection in the parks but I’m so happy to be receiving this package from Disney before our trip :blush:

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We recently did the same. The 1st Visit Magicband with Mickey is so cute! We surprised my son with them a couple weeks ago.

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