Magic Band supply issues?

Thank for the suggestion but we are not in the US so these are not an option for us. Ordering through MDE was great as we could pick them up at check in and also customize them.

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Well if you were going to pick them up at check in then you can always just grab some in the resort gift shop upon arrival too. All the resort seems to have a decent selection.


Yes I think that might be the strategy if an other order end up cancelled or if bands that we like never show up in the next 14 days we have to order. Not to thrilled about the prices but well they will make souvenirs when we go back home.

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Yes the prices stink.

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Oh my goodness, the doggie! You’re in France? What do you call the breed? My dog looks similar.

Yes we are from France and our dog is a Japanese Spitz! What’s your dog’s breed?


My dog is called an American Eskimo Dog. Before World War I the breed was called a German Spitz. They look very similar to the Japanese spitz, but are a different breed.

Oh I see! They do look very similar. Actually I think there is some debate regarding the origin of the Japanese Spitz, that it might have been breaded from American Eskimo and German Spitz between WWI and WWII. Unfortunately it’s not possible to find American Eskimo dogs in France, there is no breeders.