Magic Band Question - Availability

I am taking my kids to WDW in February for our first visit. I was looking into ordering the Magic Bands, and my daughter loves the Descendants band that is available now, but there aren’t any “special” designs that my son likes. If I go ahead and snag up the Descendants band, does that mean I “lock in” my son to the solid color band? I’m not sure how long the designs remain available, or if they are constantly being rotated. Should I wait until a design is available that my son likes too? Thankfully, he is very agreeable and probably won’t even care as much as I do on his behalf.

You have to order them all at once. The availability is constantly changing and even if you’ve got them in your basket, when you check out they might be gone.


Once you order, you can’t change your son to an upgraded one later.
My Husband didn’t like any of the bands available either, but I wanted to grab Spaceship Earth for myself. So I ordered that one with just a plain solid one for DH. Then I shopped online and found a cool Tron magic band skin that he liked. It cost me $7, so even cheaper than if he had done an upgraded band.

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Thank you for the help!

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@jkayser, Annother option is order a plain one for your son and the descendants one now. Go onto amazon and ebay and they have stickers that allow you to customize your magic band. i got a glow in the dark elsa and anna for my daughter.