Magic Band-Purple Iris

Anyone have a purple Iris color for magic band? It looks kind of light blue online. I am wondering if it looks light blue in person or more purple? My son wants blue and they don’t have that as a choice. tia…

My friend ordered it, but has yet to receive it.

It shows as shipped, but I am not sure when it will actually arrive!

I ordered it too but have to collect it at check in.

Do you have a pic of it? There are a few purplish ones and my family has a few of them. But I don’t recall what they were called when we ordered them

It doesn’t look blue at all to me.

It’s like a hydrangea color in person. My daughter has that one (and I might too)

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I have this one (which says its lavendar)

and it is a pale purple…I looked up iris and that one looks like periwinkle to me which I’ve always categorized as blue but on the purple spectrum of blue.
Here they are next to each other so you can really see…at least on my monitor my lavender one really does match the online coloring:


yes periwinkle. that’s the word i was looking for but settled on hydrangea

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Oh I do see the difference!

Can you tell I had the 64 count box as a kid! LOL
I know my colors!


Dug through my trip pics from last year, this is the purple iris one! it definitely looks like a periwinkle, and you can see it against my purple suitcase in the background :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing!

Because this is a current thread, what is shipping time like with bands if I order a new one?

Periwinkle is my absolute favorite color. It’s also the official color of 2022.

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There is an official color of the year? Like, worldwide?

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Okay, it’s PANTONE color of the Year, and they choose one every year.

I haven’t paid much attention in the past, but since this year’s happens to be my favorite color, I took notice.


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I ordered 4 plain black ones when they were in stock because we already have skins from Etsy to jazz them up. My email confirm indicates I placed my order on April 21 and they shipped April 23. Super fast. But not sure if that’s the same for the fancy ones.

ETA: Our trip is in Nov/Dec too so Disney didn’t have a reason to ship that quick but still did.


Same when you have to have them delivered to the resort because they won’t ship overseas. They send them there within a couple of days. That’s weird to me because they could have thousands! Though maybe that’s why we aren’t allowed to order them anymore - I used a VPN to get round it.


Not to mention, the best character from Blue’s Clues.