Magic Band - Limited Choices?

We’re visiting WDW in late March. I went online to purchase Magic Bands for our family of five. I only saw 19 options to choose from. I was under the impression there would be more choices. Am I not looking in the right place, or does 19 sound accurate?

Sounds about right. Sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less, and inventory does change often.

There are tons more options available on shopDisney but you’ll not get “discounted” pricing on those as you will buying them through MDE as part of your vacation.

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There are more options in WDW resort gift shops and stores in the parks.

Folks are speculating a decrease in availability right now if the old version due to the new version with more bells & whistles on deck.

yeah I wasn’t thrilled by the MBs available thru shopDisney (and of course if purchased thru MDE they won’t ship to Canada)
On a tip from @mousematt I bought some off of eBay and they look good and linked no problems


Just make sure you buy ones from eBay which haven’t been opened. If they have, you can’t be sure they haven’t been linked to an account previously, which renders them useless.

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So far I’ve been lucky. Both of them linked flawlessly thru MDE

I’ve bought at least half a dozen Magic Bands off eBay. You buy from sellers with high feedback ratings. And you have the eBay guarantee thing. I’ve never had a problem.


The one noticeable downside: now that I remembered I have an eBay account, I’ve blown money on a bunch of stuff entirely unrelated to my upcoming trip. Damn you eBay