Magic band - how frequently updated?

Hi all -

We are preparing for our trip that begins April 14th. According to our My Disney Experience page, we need to personalize our Magic Bands by March 14th.

We’d like to purchase magic bands from the Disney Store website and link them to our account - the characters and such are just fun.

Anyway, before we go ahead and purchase from what’s currently available, I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how many more new ones might come out between now and early March - and whether it might be better to wait. Especially with the new Magic Band 2…

I looked last week and there were only a few character magic band 2s available. If you want one of those I would wait. The MBs you get with your room should be 2s since they are shipping now. Have you considered covers? Is my offering covers for the 2s?

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Haven’t heard of the covers. I’ll check it out - thanks!

You can also check out to personalize the MB 2’s

The Shop Disney Parks app ( ) has a better selection than Disney Store. (annual pass discounts can be used, as can Chase Disney Visa discounts).

Keep an eye on as they usually have good info on upcoming magic bands.

You can always just use the free bands and pickup the graphic bands when you get to the parks, or use the DTech kiosks to design your own band when you get there.